Error between 30-35 sec of this video it looks like the spartan uses the jetpack. the spartan creates sparks out of his built in jetpack and it sound like one. i dont know if this has been posted already and i sorry if this is not the jetpack.please comment
Yes. It appears to have taken on a hybrid role of Evade and Jet Pack.
I dunno but I did notice that the sticky detonator is user detonated. Meaning that it won't explode until you let go of the trigger, and it also seems to stick to surfaces. Seems like the Reach grenade launcher except it doesn't bounce.
There is a thruster pack and a jet/jump pack

The thruster pack works like evade, but is a one time use that recharges quickly. You go around the same distance of one evade from Halo Reach.

There is still a jet/jump pack. Looks a little slower than the Reach counterpart, but don't hold me on that.
It uses the Spartan's Zero-G thrusters, not a jetpack. As seen in the Spartan ops video, the jetpack does not work that way. Maybe a replacement for Evade?
Nope, it's a thruster pack, similar to evade, the jetpack is a separate ability in this video at around 1:07 you can see the jetpack, thruster pack and the new shield ability used at the same time.
What is this, Waypoint's version of "made you look"?

If you're seeing a jetpack in OP's video you're delusional. Stop picking apart the video and go to bed or do something remotely productive, there'll be more info tomorrow. There's a thruster pack and a jet pack, but they aren't shown in use in the video. Sparks are from shield/damage.
I would like to see more.
i have also noticed between 1:50 - 1:53 that the spartan in the back looks like hes using a armour ability similar to like a warp its shown by the yellow sparks. this is simlar to shunfglol's video