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I'm having the same problem. There's a big storm here in CA, maybe a router got knocked out.
yep, me too. me and schwarzflug
I just tried to play online and I was getting the same problem, I would find all the players and it would instantly reset and I thought it might have to do with the weather or something, but atleast I can still play score attack though until the issue gets resolved.
same here. I've tried everything I can... can anyone contact Microsoft and report the error?? thanks.
Been trying since 10:30 Pacific Time. My hopes get up every time. Yes! Players are found. No! Restarting my search. Hopefully we'll be back to matchmaking soon.
Yes, I'm having the same issues as well, but I guess FireFight is working just fine though.
So... Final transition from Bungie to 343i has begin. God have mercy on us all.

Yup. Same problem. And only game I can play right now is Halo 3 and Halo Reach (my PS3 is currently taken by my woman for some party games *_*). Hope they will deal with it very, very soon.
Yesterday, Halo Reach worked fine.

Today, I can't find a single match because as soon as it finds players it restarts the search....

Is it just my xbox? Or is it happening to someone else? If it's just my xbox, does anyone know how I could fix this? It was working fine yesterday?
now what am i supposed to with my life and whats all that light outside i think ill investigate just grab my DMR whats sunshine and why wont it die
Hopefully they will start tracking stats for H3 on Waypoint and bring H3 servers back up because I only play H3 daily and I will cry if they dont :'(
im sad i want halo
maybe we could meet in a field and act out halo in real life or i once saw my kids playing halo with a sheet of paper and some pencils doesnt look like as much fun though
In MM, I am currently getting "Match found" then straight to "restarting search" over and over in all playlists bar firefight. Anyone else having same issues? All my network stuff/NAT is cool as per normal. I have also fully uninstalled/reinstalled Reach to my hard drive.
when they stick you they really stick you it bleeds
I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one with this problem. I constantly get full matches and BOOM, it restarts. I found games just fine yesterday. Halo 3 and Reach are having the same problem. Hopefully 343 is looking into it!
I have the same problem too. I have reset the console and router and still no match making.
i should have went to chucrch today and confessed for all those killings i think the old man has damned me to a world without MM now thats hell

Same with me. It even does it on halo 3
Same problem here, must be Halo platform wide problem having to do with the Final Transition. Hopefully they fix this soon
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