Us folks over at Splurged and set up our very own minecraft server for the Halo community!


The server is a 24 slot welter weight but we aim high to one day support a larger slot based server, we currently use DaddyCheese Hosting servers, which were spotlighted by the minecraftforums. It's a dedicated server, 1gb connection with a server base located right here in America, so you can expect great connections and a very responsive game.

ForgersIndex is my goal to bring a multitude of map editing communities together all on one site to share a global knowledge base of multiplayer map design. Be it the simplest of editors like minecraft to the complex innerworkings of UDK, we aim to bring the community to you.

The server is currently looking for staff and plugin devs to manage updates and improvements. Pm me on waypoint or on


Recreate a map in matchmaking, winner will receive VIP status. Contest ends in 2 weeks!
i could help staff it im dravest

um minecraft shows the server as unavaiable
Yea, same here.
how bout you doit on xbox then more people can do it
the server isnt working for me bro