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Welcome to this week's Community Choice Poll!

In each poll, we'll let you vote on what you'd like to see in Matchmaking. Vote for your top choice, and stop by next week's Bulletin to read which option is the winner. In the next Matchmaking update on December 9th, Race will be the featured playlist. This week, we're asking you which map you'd like to see included in the playlist! To see these descriptions and images in the latest Halo Bulletin, head here.

Each of the below maps offers slightly different experiences.


  • Wind up, down, and around Complex’s dirt paths and navigate in between the fortified bases in a race to finish!


  • Speed over the Forerunner light bridge and traverse icy valleys and caverns as you battle it out around Meltdown’s tight turns.


  • What’s more fun that riding a ‘goose in the snow?

Voting will be open for approximately four days. Thanks for participating!

Yay! race is back :]
What IS more fun than riding a Mongoose in the snow?
Welfare Queen I;2796846 wrote:
What IS more fun than riding a Mongoose in the snow?

Just checked...

Gotta go with Longbow. The variety of landscape, the straightaways, and the ramps available on Longbow make it a better race map than the others in my opinion.
Longbow gets the vote for me, wide open space to race on and fun elevation and potential track layout.
I wanted to choose Meltdown, but Longbow its bigger. That's what I'm voting for it.
B is for Bravo;2796848 wrote:
Welfare Queen I;2796846 wrote:
What IS more fun than riding a Mongoose in the snow?

Just checked...


Riding a Mongoose in the snow while shooting Rockets!
This should be a pretty clear choice. Complex has too much stuff in the way and not enough long open areas for a race map.

Meltdown, while seemingly ideal due to the figure 8 track would be pretty boring. Can't really make anything more than that as again the other paths are way too small for an effective racing map.

This brings us to Longbow. WIDE paths, many paths, alternate paths. This is CLEARLY the best map of those three to choose based off of map layout/space available for a racing route.

Please choose Longbow.
I voted for Meltdown. The eight-figure style sounds fun.

Longbow sound really good too. In fact, now that I think about it, it's probably the better option.

Complex is just a no.

I've got to wonder though. Is Race just going to use on-disc maps? Or have actual Forged tracks for a true Race experience?. If the former, then I'm going to be kinda upset about that.
Poor Complex. Nobody loves you for anything.

Random bystander: Does that mean you're going to vote for it?

Yoink! no.
Complex can work well for tracks if done correctly. It's either that or Longbow imo.
a goose in the snow. sounds so awesome. i have to go for longbow.
Longbow is one of my favourite maps and I like the fact of getting to race and have fun on halo instead of hardcore competitive gaming.
Well then you'll love love the next featured playlist, because from December 22-January 5, Rocket Race will be the Featured Playlist
There's a website dedicated to Halo racing that has plenty of tracks that were made for racing in competitive environments. From the unforgiving terrain of maps like Complex, Meltdown, and Longbow, to the intensity of Supercross tracks, and way more. All cheat proof. All a unique racing experience. Head to the HaloTracks map section to see more.

If not our tracks, could I recommend Ragnorok be one of the choices? Valhalla was home to a lot of fantastic track layouts in Halo 3. I'm sure that many people would enjoy racing on that map!

A huge thanks to you guys for the work you've put into making this game possible. Looking forward to the continuation of the saga!
I'm going to give 343 Industries one chance to not screw this up. The last thing I want to see is a tight terrain track where it's almost impossible to pass. Then again, I don't want to see a track that has loads of room. If they can just keep the track length to under a 5X5 block but over a 2X2 block them I will be happy enough. I hope that there isn't any kill boundaries on the damn tracks and just bordering instead.
TehTacoGuy;2797045 wrote:
Complex can work well for tracks if done correctly. It's either that or Longbow imo.

Meltdown looks good @ first glance, but it has too many tight path ways that I believe would not lend well to a dynamic experience.
Infinity was fantastic for Race, and since Meltdown is heavily inspired by Infinity...

Longbow. One of the biggest maps in the original palette, and has lots of route choices. Also fairly scenic.

Apex. Not the Forge Island community map, the SpOps map. Has even more space/route options than Longbow, and could be made into an insanely long course, or a fairly short one. Adding Apex to WarGames also would be good for BTB (though the full map might be a bit big for standard 8v8 BTB, and the same problem for Multi-Team games- also it would be heavily vehicle based, even more-so than Ragnarok).
Lockup. This has to be one of the largest maps in the game. Lots of areas to explore and drive through. Not as many route options as Apex though.
Warrens. Start at the open outside area, take the E6M3 tunnel to get in, drive around the entire complex, then come out via the main tunnel. This would also be a great BTB map, though the two caves are mighty big bottlenecks-and with a good sniper covering the Main Cave from the overlooking rock formations/structure, would be nearly impassable on foot...

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