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The Halo Bulletin: 5.8.13

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Almost forgot it was Wednesday. NHL Playoffs are really messing with my game.

Looking forward to the weapon changes.

May just have to attempt to get my screenshot featured next week!
Totally forgot this was coming. Cheers Bravo!

Reduced carbine spread and magnum buff? Sounds too good!

Some good comments from Cody. I'm envious of everyone that gets to visit 343.

The image from BeguiledTurnip is my favourite by a small margain. Good job to everyone that got their picture in.
Awesome Bulletin , thanks Bravo !
For the Forge Island Playlist , I do hope to see this awesome Sanctuary remake !
Any idea on the date of the live stream?

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The Carbine is getting a spread reduction this is great news as it should allow the Carbine to be consistent and reward accuracy now we just need the Battle rifle spread reduced to somewhere close to.

What it was post-patch Halo 2 BR and I think the primary rifle balance will be perfect though I have to wonder why there's no beta playlist so we can test it out and give feedback.
Nothing new here, but I thank you for sharing outside feedback. I am hoping to hear what the update will offer for vehicles... or will that be in the next coming week(s)?
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Is there an exact deadline if you would like your map considered for the forge island playlist?
"The Assault Rifle in a close-range battle against a DMR or BR appears to have slight damage advantage." Ugh. That's because it's an Assault Rifle. That's what it's for. Someone is missing the point of weapon balancing. -_-
It all just disappears, doesn't it? Everything you are, gone in a moment, like breath on a mirror. Any moment now...
Maybe I should finish up one of my many Forge Island creations. I really need to stop making half maps.
SloppyBottom;2508534 wrote:
Is there an exact deadline if you would like your map considered for the forge island playlist?

You'd do well to ensure that it is posted in the Cartographer's thread by end of day Friday! The majority of the testing will be taking place over the weekend.
II SHABUTIE II;2508556 wrote:
Maybe I should finish up one of my many Forge Island creations. I really need to stop making half maps.

I have the same problem...
I wonder what combo will make the light rifle deadlier.
After all, The Z-250 LightRifle was originally designed to achieve precision-based sniping with light-mass componential particle acceleration. The overall effect of the weapon is impressive, accurately firing a collection of hard light particles toward a target at incredible speed.

So bravo, which loadout are you using more now during the playtests? I personally really like forerunner stuff so my loadout is basically: lightrifle, boltshot, pulse grenade, auto sentry, AA efficiency and ammo.

Any word on suppressor slight bloom reset increase in speed? This would make the weapon have to really really on burst fire at a bit longer ranges. And maybe making the boltshot 10 shot? Not a lot of people would notice this change but for people who are looking to get this sweet kill at longer distances with the boltshot....
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Are you guys still looking at weapon tuning for vehicles? Or is that still under the warps?
I can't wait for the Forge Island maps. In my opinion, good forge maps are vital for the game. I would also love to see some more remakes like that amazing sanctuary map by aPK! =)
Why did you not plug these weapon tweaks into a few test playlists so that the community could test them and give feedback? It seems to me that weapon tuning could have been done a great deal faster with community testing and feedback and you could have moved on to more important things.
Something tells me this is why Ghandi was mad earlier, he didn't get an email did he? :( He's one of the perfect guys for the job!

In either case, I'm pumped to try these new settings, I wished you guys would release them in a file share for us to play while you play test them, that would breed a perfect storm for good feedback... And bad.

Also, you guys should release some info on Legendary Slayer, I had hoped it was originally postponed to be released along side the weapon tuning or shortly there after but I feel that's not the case, but needless to say many of us are waiting with anticipation.

I've even asked if you guys could worm a classic CTF into the playlist... I would be so happy.

But I just wanted to thank everyone at 343i for being a fantastic developer with all these fine-tuning updates and keeping things fresh as best can be and doing great stuff for the community!
Glad to hear about some of these changes, especially the DMR range nerf and the carbine accuracy buff.

From what you describe Bravo, it sounds like the DMR will become the utility weapon. Since the BR and automatics will beat it close to medium range, and the lightrifle will have the advantage at long range, the DMR will be the weapon for people who want to do okay at all ranges. So it will beat BRs at long range and lightrifles at close range.

I just hope you're reducing its aim assist as well.
Ah, email verification to see if we been the chosen ones eh? Sounds like I might as well check my email more often then. But none the less, I am looking forward to those playdates and live stream stuff. Who wouldn't want to miss out on the fun?

Now the carbine is getting quiet the good amount of attention it needs. Glad to see is being able to more accurate and more consistent with it's shots. The AR now seems more reliable to have around with it having quiet a buff added which I think sounds pretty cool. I am surprised by Magnum also getting a slight buff too which sounds about ok. Everything else is all something I wouldn't mind too much, just hope people will be able to accept these changes.

None the less, keep up with the good work 343I, surely hope you continue upon making Halo 4 improve on itself.
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