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Halo 4 Friday Caption Fun 5

Fridays are about two things, fun and captions. That's why our newest festivity – aptly titled Friday Caption Fun – prominently features both. Here's what will happen from here on out: I'll post a screenshot on Friday, and, if all goes according to plan, you'll provide as many captions for it as your multi-fingered appendages can type out. The following week we'll highlight the most entertaining responses, and we'll also supply you with a brand new image to start the process all over again. If that sounds good to you, take a gander at the image below, and then hit the appropriate forum thread to post your caption. Off you go!

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Leave your captions in this thread!
bs angel attached the following image(s):
ugcuserfile-876b8f38-4799-468b-b2d6-85757eb67876-3e34305aaef20dc8-full.jpg (223kb) downloaded 59 time(s).

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During beta testing it was originally the spartans goal to scare the flood, not kill them.
A note to all dentists: Be thankful you don’t have to wear space armor to do your job.
On Requiem , Flood dont scare you, YOU scare flood!
Shut the Flood up!

Spartan: "And his head grew that big!" Flood: "Ehehe!"
Jimmy and Joe stayed friends for life. No one cared about Joes little Flood-Infection.
I want that Flood-Helmet!
Booga booga booga!
(argh ... this picture is hard! Enaugh of me.
By the way*²: Where is the big "Reply"-Button? I need to click on "Menu" and "Reply" ... *sigh)

*² fixed, thx!
Oh $%@!!! DAVE, how many times have i told not to sneak up on me in brightly colored armor.
bababooey, bababooey!!!
And that kids, was how I met your mother.
Celebrated so hard, I turned into a flood.
After this, Flood-related wagers were banned across the UNSC.
I'm not touching you...
no one told jack that everyone was pretending he was invisible.... it ended badly for him
When Jimmy was told to distract the Flood for his teammates he took it too seriously.


Jimmy and the Flood were told it was opposite day so they went to the Game options and changed teams

Sometimes Flood are scared of their own gametype and accidentally show it to a smart Human that scares them
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