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If you have played in the Rumble Pit playlist, this is the place to leave the Matchmaking Systems Team your feedback! Please leave your thoughts on the following items and issues:

-Game types offered in this playlist (game settings, how they play on the map, etc)
-Maps in this playlist (design, weapons, flow, balance, etc)
-Anything else related to this playlist that you feel is important!

Note: If you found a bug while playing Halo 4 Matchmaking, please post here.

The Matchmaking Systems Team will review feedback and join the discussion when necessary. Thanks for playing.
[Edit] I was sent here from Twitter, when I realized I posted in the wrong feed I added this because I don't know how to delete I just see.. Edit..

Heard Castle DLC Playlist has been updated to 6v6.. I think you should honestly make it 5v5..

Reason based off my personal feeling towards the playlist..

The more people the more it's custom to be destroyed just vehicles and a lot of control.. The less people the less likely they care to use the vehicles.. We need more maps without vehicles. And I'm not talking about Forge Maps..
Slightly disappointed.. But, it's whatever.

[Also, they need to include a system to recognize solo players and teams.. Finding Teams and playing solo.. is just horrible.. Especially when there isn't even preferences to change to find players with mics.. Halo:Reach was a bad game and it had that..well.. slightly]

and Honestly, there is enough -Yoinking!- about Halo 4. So why complain more..

Side Note.. Start working on Good Competitive Maps.. These Textures on these maps are amazing.. I'd love to see them used for competitive..

[Edit] Rumble Pit.
I've literally found only the Majestic maps in every game I've played.. and it's constantly only Monolith that is played. Kinda sad.
Also, Infinity Rumble is insane.. Ordnance drops are just unfair. Luck should never be a factor. Unless you are playing a party gametype.

There needs to be a Sections in the playlists [Like was done in Halo:Reach in the Final Title Updates.]
Having complete areas for different game styles/play styles..
Like, past Halos
Halo 3 it was Ranked and Social
Halo Reach it became Classic, Evolved, Community, Party
Halo 4 Playlist should be set up like the following:

>Infinity Team Slayer
>Big Team Infinity Slayer
>Infinity Rumble
>Infinity Double Team
>Infinity Multi-Team
>Infinity Team Objective
>Infinity DLC

>Team Slayer [Called Team Throwdown Currently]
>Big Team Slayer [Using Team Throwdown Settings]
>Rumble Slayer [Using Team Throwdown Settings]
>Double Team [Using Team Throwdown Settings]
>Multi-Team [Using Team Throwdown Settings]
>Team Objective [Using Team Throwdown Settings]
>DLC [Using Team Throwdown Settings]
>Anything else that could have any usage of the Team Throwdown Settings.. Since it's the "Competitive" Gametype Halo 4 is providing.

>Anything Else that might fit in to this.. Or move these to into Pure

>Team Action Sack
>Anything Else that I'm forgetting that should be in there catergory.

343 Industries your steering away from the past games.. and heading in a wrong direction.
Everybody though Ranks would save this game but, that's not it at all..
It's the developers that will save this game..
Quit trying to be different..

Treyarch and Infinity Ward are completely different companies but, the basic layout of Call of Duty is the same with every game ever made.. That's what Halo 4 is lacking..
It is lacking any common sense of what is good and bad in the Halo Universe Multiplayer.. [MAtchmaking always being Aborted. Repeat of Maps. Joining in Progress. Quitting Games without Penalties. Being able to back out of games when voting for game type/map. Being able to leave a game, (shouldn't even be a option in in-game menus, unless there were some form of penalty).Starting in a One versus Four Situation. Having a CHAOTIC amount of game types in one playlist and Complete different game settings in those gametypes in one playlist. After naming all those makes me feel like why do I bother playing that...]

I understand where 343 Industries is coming from at time but this game is a huge let down at times.. I want to see it shine.. I miss the Halo I got into, and I can't play those because the community for them are dead.

With this week, it seems Halo 4 is heading in the right direction but honestly making the section suggestion a reality.. (because having to play a certain gametype in a playlist when you aren't even interested playing it when you want to play a Slayer, or FFA.. It's just frustrating. [There should be an option] )

With Ranking on each playlist [Even outside of the Interface] It will bring people back.. but, we will still get sick of the repetitive B.S. with the crazy Matchmaking we have in Halo 4..
Rumble Pit is generic free-for-all, and FINALLY some one who is better at the game can claim his rightful place as the victor, other than some one else reducing his hard work to ashes because of a generic kill. Ordinance should be taken away from Rumble Pro, so we have plain free-for-all.
Also, the DMR is being abused, but not frequently, which is good to see. Nice choice of weapons for pre-set loadouts too!
Rumble Pro

Remove the Magnum from weapon loadouts, all it encourages people to do is quickly press Y when their primary runs out of ammo and spam all eight shots in the hope of getting five to hit and the three final shots to be a headshot.

#1 Doodle fanboy!
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Here is another thought I have..

Why not have a form of "Pro" Gametype with One Basic Option of
Starting out with [of course] the Battle Rifle and Magnum and Frags.
and then allowing the options of picking different Armor Abilities, Support Packages and Tactical Upgrades. [or having more Pre-Made Loadouts.]

)Also, I never understood why.. there where only two Map Default Loadouts that are not that good to begin with.(

So having just that one option then you could add such other weapons on the map.. Like they've done with Throwdown.

I want a mix of Old and New.. Like Halo Reach Arena.

Throwdown Loadouts with Armor Abilities.

Anybody else like this suggestion!! Let it be known if you do!!!!

Change it from 25 points to 25 kills you should not be extra points for Double kils, triple kills, revenge etc it should be based off of kills only.

Also the player count needs to be reduced from 8 to 6, 8 players is way too chaotic on maps like Abandon and it should be given the 60 second JIP window that Throwdown receives because it does nothing but you at a disadvantage.
Thdyingbreed;2436302 wrote:
Change it from 25 points to 25 kills you should not be extra points for Double kils, triple kills, revenge etc it should be based off of kills only.

Also the player count needs to be reduced from 8 to 6, 8 players is way too chaotic on maps like Abandon and it should be given the 60 second JIP window that Throwdown receives because it does nothing but you at a disadvantage.

You only get points for kills, there are no bonus points for medals.
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We're not rejects; We get Rejections
Infinity Rumble:

I realise that people like IS, but I can't stand it.

Ever single time I play this gametype, the top killer is using one of two loadouts:

Jetpack, DMR, Boltshot, Stickies

or Jetpack, AR, Boltshot, Stickies.

It is absolutely infuriating to play a match with this. I could go into various reasons why jetpack kills FFA, but I've done that more times than is necessary.

Rumble Pit (as a whole):

Two complaints.

- JIP.
I can't stress enough how bad JIP is for an FFA gametype. I joined a match today where I was down by 9 kills. In the end I lost by 1 kill, and I had 1 third the deaths.

I would have won the game except for the fact that I started on an un-even front.

The only real fix I can see for this is taking it out. It's no fun to lose because you didn't start at the beginning of the match like everyone else.

- The amount of players.
I don't understand why you think 8 players is good for a gametype with instant spawns and tiny maps, but it just does not play well. It's not nearly as bad as it was in Community FFA, but it needs a lot of work.

Please bump it down to six. This would solve a lot of problems.


- Haven.

Please update to the Newer version. This version makes it impossible to play without a jetpack because of lack of ways out of the bottom halls that aren't entirely dangerous.

- Shutout.

Just remove it entirely. Horrible, horrible FFA on this map. If you start off on the bottom and can't make it to the top in the first 30 seconds, have fun getting spawned and subsequently slaughtered on the bottom all game.

There's more players than there are walkways, and with FFA that just doesn't work. You can't move anywhere around the map without getting shot in the spine immediately, or cross mapped by DMR's, or running in to 3 people.

That's just my opinion, of course.
Dare to believe.
Would personally prefer if the Playlist was 6 player FFA, not 8. Also, please remove Join in Progress. Joining a FFA game in progress no matter what the score, is often a guaranteed loss against you.
Awesome playlist! Rumble Pro is great, we need more playlists like this! Keep up the good work.
Change the max players to 6 instead of 8. While in the community FFA playlist in Infinity Rumble time between kills or respawns was far too small to call down your ordnance drop, and with the size of the maps you often get spawn killed on any of the maps that were used. In infinity rumble please remove the options for speed boost, oversheild and damage boost from ordnance choices and remove them from the maps as random ordnance. While it's entirely clear that infinity settings are meant to remove the skill aspect from the game a little balance would be nice.

In Pro remove random ordnance drops, there is nothing 'pro' about finding a sword and slicing your opponents down. It's not supposed to be about luck.

As always the maps need additional spawns, join in progress needs to be disabled. I'd personally like to see forced loadouts in Infinity Rumble. I played a game the other day where the other 7 players were all using jetpack. I refuse to waste my time playing a whole game of that Yoink!. Also disable instant respawn.
Im glad its out.. but it lags to much right now :/ Simplex is unplayable at the moment-.-
I'm loving this playlist, I just have two griefs so far. JIP, I entered a game yesterday and the leader was on 14 kills. Personally I don't think JIP should be in a FFA playlist at all.
The second one was, Infinity Slayer. I accept it has fans and some people do vote for it. However, when you enter voting and the only options are Infinity Slayer, it's a little unfair. I know you can back out, but it's something I don't like to do and shouldn't have too. I believe in democracy, not quiting.
Thanks so much for bringing this playlist to us! :D

However my criticism:

  • More maps should be updated to the Throwdown Variants
  • Shutout should be removed
  • Maybe, maybe, maybe, add KoTH, under a very low weighting.
  • Merge Regicide into this playlist, similar to how Juggernaut was in Reach's FFA, Regicide should be in the rotation. I hate having to switch between playlists to play Regicide, a gametype I actually enjoy (Also, Regicide is 6 Man)
If you're going to leave JIP in the game, then fix it so we don't join games where the leader already has 11 or 12 kills. It makes it so there is almost no point in even trying to win unless everyone in the game is horrible. The cutoff point should be 6 kills or less.

Someone suggested putting Regicide in the playlist. Please don't do that. The gametype is horrible. Instead add an objective gametype in one of the slots.
Too, many, people and join in progress... Bad... It hasn't been fixed from the forge FFA....
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I said this before, I'll say it again.

Shutout "Bottom Blue Spawn-For-All" has to go. Honestly, if you don't initially spawn on one of the towers, you are absolutely -Yoinked!-.

I've stopped playing because shutout gets chosen literally every time. It's infuriating.
Dare to believe.
can we get some FFA objective up in here? Add it to this playlist, or replace regicide with FFA objective? Also what happened to fun things like FFA swords?

EDIT: also, can we get some community maps back? I honestly like some of those more than the on disk maps.
Infinity Rumble

I have no idea if it was a mistake, but NOBODY should be getting Rockets, Sniprs or Beam Rifles in personal ordnance.

Make it use the same ordnance options as Doubles Pro.
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Playlist needs to be shrunken to 6 players or the spawns need some serious overhaulin, I can't count how many time in Haven I've walked from stairs to top mid and a guy spawns literally behind me.

All the disc n' Dlc maps has some bad spawns, all the user created maps have bad spawns, we neec to shrink the player count or fix the spawns.
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