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Hello, Waypoint goers! With the addition of community-made content into Matchmaking, custom maps and game types have become a integral part of Halo's Multiplayer. It keeps Matchmaking fresh with all new content, and game types that keep us on our toes. Forgers and game type creators often work hours, days and even months on their content before it’s considered for Matchmaking, and it's usually the lack of having a ready player-base to test their maps that it takes so long. So I offer an option to our forgers, a place to bring your maps and game types to have them tested and reviewed by a group of the top forgers around.

You'll receive top-notch forging tips and tricks to wow your players, improve map spawn and flow, provide a better map experience and get your name out there. You'll also get to work directly with the Community Cartographers, a select group of community Forge enthusiasts who work with 343 Industries in the search of top quality content for Matchmaking consideration.

Every Saturday night at 6PM ET, get an invite by sending “AgentPaperCraft” a message over Xbox LIVE, or leave a comment in the Test Night thread.

This week, we'll be putting our focus on Forge Island, beginning with a 16-player party and moving down to 8v8 later in the night; both Slayer and Objective game types are welcome.
This is great!so many ideas are going to come on the table. epic I do enjoy forge but to many are similar.
Guys I'm super sorry about the absense today there was a storm that threw out our internet here, but it is now back up, and I'm ready to play.

Send out requests for invitation.
It's been a while since I'v had my hands on a controller, but I think it's time to "get back in the saddle". I would love to be a part of your test nights, though I may not have a map to contribute due to the fact that I work a lot now, but I can provide tips and feedback to forges none the less.

It's good to be back.
very excited about tonight!!!!!! This will be great I have a map ready
There are dozens of Forge communities and custom websites out there that do this. Why are they not being promoted in the news section?

I am not trying to be pessimistic, it is just odd.
Is underwater maps okay too? Just curious with everyone knowing about the glitch evan 911, I made a competitive underwater map there, works on slayer, regicide, & flood. Tried to get it for objectives but that failed oddly. Anyway, was curious.
I gotta map, I think you'll like. :D
I am definitely down for trying out games on new levels made by the community!!
I'd love to try out a map I've made for 6v6 if you can send me an invite tonight
when you play. It's only set up for slayer atm but I'd love some feedback to get the kinks worked out before adding objective markers on it. GT is the same as the username on Waypoint. Send me a message on XBL if you can get me in.
I'm usually one of the unspoken helpers to most of my friends' map builds, and 9 times out of 10, I'm usually the one that finds the little things wrong in them and helps edit their games. Been doing it since Halo 3 so yeah.. That being said, if you need a tester and a guy that's pretty good at working aesthetics into maps, I'm your your man. So, if you want to, send me that invite when you guys are testing and such, and I can definitely give some input.
I got a symmetrical 4v4 map called pipeline
It support slayer, CTF, KotH, FFA and oddball

I like to make forge maps but I can never test them.
Thanks for nothing, just because you don't prefer long open sight lines u wouldn't even give my map 5 minutes. Just a group of friends that will belittle your work, but if you want to see their maps and give them feedback go for it. This guy is a user if you ask me, very selfish attitude.
Hello! I am a forger back from ol' Halo Reach and I have brought some of my best maps back to life in halo 4. BUT nobody remembers them and every forge contest I enter is ridden with irresponsible admins.

Could I PLEASE have a couple of my maps checked out? I have several that I have fine tuned in the hope of one day getting them to be on matchmaking!

My biggest map is designed for good old Big Team Battle! It is titled,"Cities". It is an asymmetrical map with two massive bases, one center neutral base and plenty of trees.

My second map is a small to medium sized revision of lockout and a few other older maps from past Halos. This may sound common but just check it out! You will be surprised how different it actually is! It is called,"Lockdown".

Another of my favorites would have to be, "Mob's World" Mobs world is basically an underground city run by a futuristic Mafia. There is plenty of stuff to jump over, climb and explore! Not to mention that it is compatible with MANY gametypes.Flood, ctf, Big Team Battle, FFA, Regicide(of course)and Dominion!

All these maps can be found on my file share. Look. I can't force anyone to check out these maps... But you know.. What if they are any good? All they need is some evaluation and at least a chance!
I have a map one my file share at the moment called Slipspace

The maps takes place on the construction site of the UNSC Holland.
Part of the map is in space and has low gravity to spice things up.
Its a map for 4v4 teams and you can play CTF, Odball, KotH and infinity slayer on it.

You can find the map here:!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0

I make a lot of forge maps but I don't have enough friends who play halo 4.
So I you guys want more maps, I can built them.
I'm down with helping test and getting my maps tested. It would be nice because that has been my problem with getting my maps down.
I have a map in my file share called "work in progress" and I think it might be best for team doubles, Infinity Slayer, and SWAT

any feedback would be nice!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=c6dcf87f-4ca3-480b-84e6-50c9ad706430
this is the map. sorry I didn't provide a link in my previous comment

AgentPaperCraft;2432883 wrote:

Every Wednesday night at 6PM ET, get an invite by sending “AgentPaperCraft” a message over Xbox LIVE, or leave a comment in the Test Night thread.

This week, we'll be putting our focus on Forge Island, beginning with a 16-player party and moving down to 8v8 later in the night; both Slayer and Objective game types are welcome.

Three questions: Since I just stumbled upon this thread today, Thursday, is it too late to ask for an invite?

You say "this week." Is this a week long endeavor or just a one-day-a-week thing?

I have a Forge Island map I created for Dominion which is limited to 6v6. Will it get no love from you guys?
Do you guys test maps in The Official Community Cartographers Thread, or do we post them somewhere in here? Because I have maps that I would love to have tested so they can be considered for matchmaking, and I am curious. Thanks.
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