Halo IRL: Halsey's Arm

Halo is a fictional universe. However, sometimes we catch sight of things in real life that remind us of our favorite science fiction video game franchise. This particular series, titled Halo in Real Life, showcases those very moments. Enjoy the subtle Halo references sometimes spotted when out and about in the real world, and if you have a picture you'd like to submit for possible future inclusion, send it to bsangel[at]!

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Heh, punny.
NukaKV;2352850 wrote:
Heh, punny.

The first thing I did after publishing this was send it to Brian Reed. Needless to say, he got a kick out of it, too!
Now we know what Jackal feet look like.
Too soon Indeed

Just browsing while composing

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I lol'd!
Ya I don't care who ya'are, that's funny.
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hahahaha that's silly. Wonder if it's any good there :P
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