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The Halo Bulletin: 2.13.13

Included topics:

Halo eValentines
Spartan Ops Update
  • Fiction summary of Spartan Ops Episode 8
  • New Spartan Ops Episode 10 screenshot

Section 3 Update
Next week’s Matchmaking Update
  • Spartan Ops Episode 10
  • Team Throwdown playlist
  • Crimson playlist removed

Title Update Update

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Mmmm Section 3 info. Good, Good.
Thanks for the bulletin!

Ov Thy Demise;2280578 wrote:
Mmmm Section 3 info. Good, Good.

I knew that would be your favorite part of it!
The Thruster pack Valentine made me laugh

Good bulletin!
bs angel;2280604 wrote:
Ov Thy Demise;2280578 wrote:
Mmmm Section 3 info. Good, Good.

I knew that would be your favorite part of it!

Oh you know me so well :)
are the backgrounds for those valentines new maps or am i just not recognizing them?
Halo 2 PC servers countdown extended?
Good thing I'm wrapping up the Boltshot commendation right now
Aaaaaaaaaaany chance something could be done about this? :o

-Edit- Just checking, it has the magic number '117' "thanks", if that doesn't scream 'check me out', I don't know what does! ;)
No more infomation on campaign easter eggs?????????????? We basicly already knew about the last 3 "hits" from last weeks bulletin.......

Great post though! Really cant wait for the title update.
Huh, they actually said ONE thing about custom games this week.

Color me surprised.

Please. Tell me. Will we be able to drop the flag soon?
Teh Flood;2280634 wrote:
Halo 2 PC servers countdown extended?

Confirmed here. :)

bs angel wrote:
We are currently investigating the feasibility of continuing to support Halo 2 PC servers. We'll provide an update once we know more but in the meantime, we have extended support of Halo 2 PC through June 2013.
Been waiting for Majestic news.... I guess hearing news about coming news can be exciting too.

Nobody pays me in screenshots of the Majestic Map Pack.... :(
Team Throwdown is going to be awesome! Dispatch, Shutout, and Simplex, and with a good mix of gametypes. Can't wait!
Great Bulletin. Thanks for the sneak peek to the title update. Thanks for the new competitive playlist. I can't wait! (BTW The new Teams Snipers has been amazing)
It DOES seem like those valentine day pictures are at least partially from the majetic map pack. I hope we get an announcement soon!

I'm looking forward to the TU and spartan ops! Nothing too enlightening but the hologram fritz actually didn't slip past me the first time I saw it. I liked that little detail. Still, I think the Ur-Didact should make way for the Librarian on me.

I posted the section 3 news on the comms thread.

Looks like I'm going to have to go get my 50 on that playlist!

I failed to find any hidden links so far.

Happy early valentine's day! <4 waypoint!

I've got another one.
"If red is the colour of love, then I'd compose you!"

Official Waypoint Squeaker!
Principles and ethics
It was nice to see some details on Team Throwback and the Title Update! Though... No mention of the DMR's balance being adjusted? I know that what was given to us is only a portion of the changes, but I was hoping for that to be a part of the Title Update, since I think it's the #1 most complained about issue regarding the game.
I have ppl wondering when they can expect some sort of rocket race varents settings for custom games and what not. building maps in forge for them but no settings. im on now playing with them now and were all wondering. eps 9 spartan ops is awesomesauce
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