Forge for Pete, Get Halo Swag

From petetheduck:

Thanks to bs angel, 343 Industries Community Manager, I have 10 Knight Avatar Prop codes and 10 Watcher Avatar Prop codes to give away in coordination with my current (top secret) Forge project. These are codes redeemable on the Xbox 360 for your Xbox Avatar!

How can you get one? Well, all you have to do is Forge FOR Pete! I am looking for specific kinds of Forge maps from the Halo community. This is not a contest–I will not be judging the maps that are sent to me. Instead, I will personally be considering them to potentially be featured in my (top secret) Forge project. I will give out codes at “random” to the authors of maps that impress me. I’m limited on codes, so not every author will get one.

I need these maps by February 20th (so I will wait until February 20th to distribute the codes). What kind of maps am I looking for? Click the link below to find out!

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