Road to D.I.C.E. - 343 Industries Kiki Wolfkill

From Machinima:

Hundar, TheRadBrad, Kootra, and Randy Pitchford continue their pursuit of ultimate game development knowledge as Kiki Wolfkill gives us a guided tour of 343 Studios in preparation for the 2013 DICE AWARDS! Get an inside look at what it's like to be nominated for a DICE award!

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Kiki looks good in those jeans. Grrrrr!
Nice video, it's great to see how a development team works on a video game and the interaction between developers of different companies.
On the comradery of an industry and/or sport that understands competition:
"One does not climb the ladder to great success alone, we are supported by those around us. We grow when pushed and challenged, we prosper when that push is never-ending."

Translation: "Be proud of your competition and enjoy their success."
Fortune favours not the bold, the bold make their own fortune.
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