Determining the Real Sizes of Objects in Halo


Stephen Loftus has completed a massive update to his Halo Scale Charts - the total number of pages has increased from 12 pages in the last version to 27 pages in this one! It contains a mountain of new items from previous games, plus most major vehicles from Reach and Halo Wars. Go take a look! (The original article is unchanged; only the Cascade Scaling images are new. You can jump right to the top level of this series if you're in a hurry.)

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I wonder how he did to calculate some of the halo wars stuff.
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Neat, but where's the rest of it, like the image of the ships you posted for the blog?

Only seeing the Ark/Halo shot, the Covie weapons and UNSC weapons images, and links to pdf's of the last two. I was told there would be 27 pages...

I guess it's buried on HBO and we need to go digging?

Ain't nobody got time for that ;)