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About Me!

Gamertag: Duranu Lithdel

Origin of gamertag: Wouldn't you like to know ;)

Previous or current clan/community: Halo 4 ARG, Xbox Ambassador

About Halo!

Halo game(s) you are currently playing: Halo 4

Favorite map, game type and playlist: SWAT: Haven, BTB Exile

Least favorite map, game type and playlist: Ragnarok

Preferred control scheme: Fishstick

Halo playing style (offense, defense, sniper, driver, etc.): Sniper

Favorite Halo character: Déjà

Favorite Halo book: The Fall of Reach

Favorite Halo quote: Finish This Fight

Halo creations: A few in Halo 3, Made a giant assault rifle out of weapons

Other stuff!

Other game(s) you are currently playing: MineCraft, FFXIV Realm Reborn, Kerbal Space Program

Favorite music: Rock

Favorite movie: Jurassic Park

Favorite TV show: Family Guy, Walking dead, list goes on. . .

Favorite quote: Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is what dies in us while we are still alive.

Anything else we should know? I am a Blue belt in the UTF TaeKwonDo
NOOO!!! I've been waiting to see what your GT meant!

Lol but seriously hello to a great member of the community
welcome to waypoint!
Congrats on CMotW !
Just browsing while composing

Update 8. Halo 3 Disc, 2
Halo Sheet Music Collection Thread
Congrats on CMotW!!!
Congrats on getting CMOTW.
Friend of Rocks. Congrats on CMotW.
Congratulations on CMotW! Well deserved! :)
EOFRA will be proud of this moment, congratulations and er...welcome? haha :)
Hooray for you! You deserve the medal.
Congrats on CMOTW
Thanks guys lol. I never expected to get CMOTW
Congrats on your shiny new medal!
Congratulations on CMotW!
"It won't be me... you know that right?"
bs angel;2472450 wrote:
Congrats on your shiny new medal!

Thank you, now about my ambassador medal *wink* *wink*, But alas, that is probably not possible *sad face* lol
Congrats Duranu! See you on the battlefield! :)
kCongrats! I also did Taekwondo (1st Degree Black Belt!).
Congrats Duranu!
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