How Halo 4 is using Windows Azure Service Bus

From Channel 9:

On the way driving from my hotel to work this morning, I swung by 343 Industries' super-secret hidden space command facility to meet Angus, Caitie, and Hoop from Section 3, the team that creates the services backbone for the Halo game series including Halo Waypoint.

We talk about how the Halo 4 game uses Windows Azure Service Bus in various ways, including the flow of all multiplayer game statistics from the console game into Waypoint, and how Service Bus helped the Halo team dealing with the massive traffic peak occurring on and within a few days of the game title's release.

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Pretty interesting, nice to hear about some of the things that go on in the back end (would actually be keen to see more on this) :) Thanks for posting
Hi BS Angel,
If this vid doc about Windows Azure Service Bus and the flow of info from the Halo 4 game/Xbox to Waypoint, then why is it that Waypoint never matches the actual user's information?

For example, on Waypoint it says I've completed 911 and when I put the Halo 4 disc and check my profile it says I have played 1029? Where is the disconnect.

Another example is achievements. I have all but 2 left to get but Waypoint says that I have 9 left.

Some of the actual stats seem to be up to date but everything else is slightly off.
I know that there will be some latency in the porting over of information but I check Waypoint often and it never seems to update.

What could be the cause of this?

Thank You
While statistical aggregation can be an under appreciated component of the Halo ecosystem, the presence is ultimately joined with the bigger picture initiated by Bungie.

Azure has been slow to catch on, leading to an early retirement by a top Microsoft exec. Gamers lazy... hah!

What's the take away from the post?

...En masse gaming helps build tunnels...