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This thread is for discussion about the newly introduced Forge map, Scythe, by PA1NTS. If you have played this map in Matchmaking or played the original in custom games for which it is intended (Slayer or SWAT), please post your feedback here, with as much detail as possible. While everyone is entitled to opinions, we need to understand the reasons behind them in order to be able to address them, so for example:

“I don’t like this map.”

“I don’t like playing SWAT on this map because I feel the map is too congested.”

Your feedback is valuable and will help us implement the necessary changes to the map, as well as improve our selections for future Forge maps that are introduced into Matchmaking. Thank you!

If you found an error, flaw, mistake, or fault in this map, please post about it here:

Community Forge Test Bug Reporting Thread
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Thought the map itself was designed okay, but the spawns were terrible as was the pairing of the Swat gametype with it.
Got an over kill thanks to long sight lines into their spawns... Wasnt pretty

It says DNF.. But my team certainly won... I do remember finishing it so, whatever.

Like everything else.. Layout, style. Just swat spawns need some rethinking.
I will give a better review of this later when I've played more games on it but I've played a few games on it and it is interesting to say the least. Swat played terribly for it. But slayer wasn't too bad just the ordinance drops (binary,laser,incinerator) being dropped kinda ruined it but other then that it was decent.

6/10 rating

There's nothing wrong this map, I just played crappy my first game lol. But what I will say is this is a nice looking map! I plays pretty good, very close quarters, but hey there's nothing wrong that :)
I like the map its a good design from a aesthetic point of view. But the DMR ruins this map because of the long lines of sight, and I honestly have a better shot at winning the lottery then every figuring my way around it, and then being able to commit it to memory.
The one time I have been able to play it was on SWAT :/ so my first time playing it reaction is not to good.

The spawns made the map feel really small. Of course SWAT didn't help but I was being shot at 2 seconds off spawn(the same goes for the other team).

I'm trying to get the map for regular IS to have more feedback.
Just wrecked in some swat on this map
Just got to play IS.

A lot better that Swat. Spawns didn't seem to be a problem compared to SWAT
Map is brilliant, lack of competitive enemies (they had guests) made it too easy to win. However the map played well and is so open that it prevents camping. Lots of fun, and im enjoying the hell out of set spawns with personal ordinance.
I cant really experience this map correctly because all I can play is SWAT. SWAT on this map is not good, although I think infinity slayer would be interesting.
This map is HLG-Approved

That is all
Good map but the CFT settings make it hard to defend your flag and get the other teams flag while down. Dont mind the weapons that spawn but with spawn killing CTF is hard to play when Boltshots take you out due to corner campers
I like this map a lot and have seen it go through many versions in both Halo Reach and Halo 4.
It however is not designed for Infinity Slayer or SWAT, it was made to be a 2v2 map.
I want this in Team Doubles playlist for sure.
I'm going to jump on the 'SWAT is not good on this map' bandwagon and say SWAT is not good on this map.

However, infinity slayer seems pretty slick and balanced.
It is nice to have a map that actually utilizes two-way teleporters well, haven't seen anything like it since Chiron.

I also like the various bridges and platforms. However, the layout is a bit confusing at first glance, so, also like Chiron, it will take some time to memorize it. The sightlines are pretty large when you aren't in one of the small teleporter bases of the map.

Overall though, I haven't played it enough to forge a strong opinion on it.
Maps are great but the DMR and ordnance ruins them all. 343 NEEDS to go back to classic halo.
Played Team Slayer on the map once. While new, and getting lost from time to time, it played well, felt antiquated, but in a good way. Considering I played ok with a plus 2, I was pretty happy with it. Now a little bit of experience on the map (I haven't tried SWAT or CTF yet) it should be a great addendum to the portfolio.

One thing I noticed, the maps currently aren't in the stats breakdown-by-map. Considering the playlist is a test, will any of the new forge maps be "officially" added to stats (other than recent games)?
Sometimes the teleporter beam image disappears or does not show at all.

I have played both swat and infinity slayer on it. Flows really well but some of the spawns could be adjusted.
Excellent. That is all.
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