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This thread is for discussion about the newly introduced Forge map, Relay, which has minor modifications from community forger FyreWuff. If you have played this map in Matchmaking or played the original in custom games for which it is intended (Slayer), please post your feedback here, with as much detail as possible. While everyone is entitled to opinions, we need to understand the reasons behind them in order to be able to address them, so for example:

“I don’t like this map.”

“I don’t like playing SWAT on this map because I feel the map is too congested.”

Your feedback is valuable and will help us implement the necessary changes to the map, as well as improve our selections for future Forge maps that are introduced into Matchmaking. Thank you!

If you found an error, flaw, mistake, or fault in this map, please post about it here:

Community Forge Test Bug Reporting Thread
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Honestly, not very impressed. The map is too open. As soon as I spawn, I can immediately see a mjority of the map, including enemy players. This leads constant cross mapping right off of spawn, camping, and sniper abuse. I feel the map could use some more segmentation, especially with the middle sight line.

Also, 343i, please make a small map slayer gametype that doesn't include big team battle weapons in personal ordnance (Fuel Rod, Rockets, Incineration Cannon, Binary Rifle, and Spartan Laser).
feel like im getting shot as soon as i spawn
All I would suggest is that replace this with Dispatch.
Agree with the posts above.

Its just too open and going down into the middle area is an instant death sentence. Staying on the outer circle is the only viable option and even then, there are some huge lines of sight. It just plays horribly.
This map is too difficult to do anything really. There is so much battles happening behind cover cross map that once you walk in the middle you are instantly killed. Too much long-range battles and does not reward getting up close and personal at all. Just a lot of camping on this map and very stand offish. I can't stand this map.

2/10 rating

I would also recommend Dispatch to replace was way better than this map although not perfect. CTF on Dispatch has been one of the best gametypes I've played in customs yet so far.
AzzaLT;2194179 wrote:
All I would suggest is that replace this with Dispatch.

This, and I'm sure it was said really early on. Theres nowhere near enough cover in the middle of the map, and quite a lot at the sides, so its pretty predictable that people just hang around the edges with a DMR. Really slow and repetitive games.
dispatch > relay

Map is great. Dmr is the only thing that ruins matches.
Pretty dang good

I thought the map wouldn't be all that because it came with the game as a default impact map. It actually played out really nice! Reminded me alot of zealot from halo reach. Keep it coming 343, these maps are amazing!
This map would immediately benefit and pretty hugely actually from the inevitable DMR nerf. Because the design is sound: it's a great TS map; completely undone by the abundance of precision weapons.

It'll be a huge shame if this map gets overlooked due to the current weapons sandbox.
Alot people are saying -this map is to open- and they are right. Mid is death, you never want to go to mid, always on the sides and thats not good. 343 put -Dispatch- its the same but better. Big Papa Salot made it and i love playing 2v2 customs on it. I have this map in my file if you cant find in his. GAMER TAG - Hollowfy
Dispatch plays better than Relay.
I also agree. I think Dispatch is better then relay. It seem's to support team play a lot more, and your not potentially dying of the spawn.
I think this map would work well if the DMR wasn't so overpowered. There isn't a reason to go in the middle when you have a weapon that can kill quickly across the whole map and there's no cover in the middle. While it is a good map (much better than Complex and Solace), I think it would be better to have Dispatch instead since it's smaller and it's also easier to know on which side of the map your on thanks to the colors (one of the reasons I really like Simplex).
Delete the DMR.
The outer ring gets very frequent use and is well designed.

The middle though is no mans land. You are asking to get shot from all angles if you step in the middle.
Relay's design is fundamentally flawed. Dispatch would be a much better alternative to this map, but the same problem remains: There is no power position to control. The only reason to push out of the outer ring is to get the power weapon in the middle. The rest of the game suffers from the Zealot Donut Problem. It's very one-dimensional.

If you want to solve the fundamental flaws of this map design, the scale must be reduced drastically, the walls surrounding the outer ring must be deleted or reduced in number so that it is a more dangerous and more difficult area to control, and the flag, initial, and many of the regular spawns must be moved to the bottom level.
As said 100 times, dispatch would be the better choice
Probably the worst one of this batch.

Getting shot right from the beginning sucks, and the middle is very open, making it a position that's not useful.
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