Launching an all out public Tournament!
Details will be released when we reach our required amount of
Players for the tournament.

All you have to do to register is like our page:

And Comment on the Tournament status, from 1/13/13, with you Gamertag!

Grand Prize is 1600 MSpoints
2nd Place TBA
3rd Place TBA

Register Now!

-MTG Clover X

Also feel free to have input. Were a community that is ever growing!
As well as a clan through various systems and games!
Count me in.

Gamertag: Khaotica92

As long as it's Team Slayer and proper FFA, it'll be fun. Regicide is garbage and should stay far away from this.
I'll add you to the list.
If you could like our page that would be great!
We can keep you up to date on more tournaments we will be hosting this year!

-MTG Clover X
liked and commented :D
Gt: trevmeiste24 plz no regicide just ffa
A tournaments grand prize is 1600 Microsoft points? and you have 2 more prizes lower than that? Grand prize should be 4000 MS or more.
In reply to Tensa.
We are a small/Young Community/Clan.

Depending how this tournament does will allow us to
give better prizes later on.

-MTG Clover X
Spread the word!
Send other Gamers to our page to Register for the Tournament!
Entries are starting to come in and were limited
to 16, possibly 32 if another admin from MTG joins!
More MS Points to fight for! Count me in!

Gamertag: dogiojoe

I'll play whatever, but FFA sounds cool lol