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As many of you know, we publish weekly newsletters that include various bits of news and information (you can see the complete archive here). We occasionally take questions at the end and also do regular Q&A features. If you have a particular question you'd like to ask, post it here. If you have a particular person you'd like to answer it (Frankie, Josh, Kevin, etc.), include that as well. Please know in advance we can't answer more questions than we can (for a variety of reasons), but we will keep an eye on this thread and answer inquiries as appropriate.

So, ask away!

When will custom updates be made?

We've been getting together for a weekly Halo LAN party for 10 years now. The problem we have with the new custom settings is that you cannot configure a custom game with unlocked load out options for everyone.

The personal load out options are only available for guests on the same screen. We have 4 TVs and 4 360s linked up.

What I'd like to do is configure a custom game type where everyone can use the Operator load out option. In the custom load out options, unlocked load outs do not display.

We want everyone to have the same options available regardless of which Xbox/TV they play.

Please provide a time frame for when this can be resolved.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.
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When will we hear some news on the new ranking system?.
when will we be able to download and see screenshots from our games like in every other halo game? and will we be ever able to share ingame video on youtube like c.o.d.?
when will we in Germany can finally get the specializations one help me?
Is there any chance friendly emps can be turned off or friendly fire can come back? Either one will do but at this point I'm more surprised when my teammates don't shoot at me for getting in the vehicle they think they own,
Thanks for asking.

Josh Holmes was quoted in the The Halo Bulletin: 12.12.12 as saying "we limit the total number of active playlists to prevent the population from becoming too fragmented so that we can provide an optimal matchmaking experience."

In concrete numbers, how many people are needed in a playlist (both FFA and team) to allow the matchmaking system to serve up an ideal experience?
3 separate questions

1) Was Valhalla and only map you considered remaking? How did you arrive at the decision? Was it the only candidate?

2) Scoring and new medals are a huge part of war-games matchmaking. Why were these two features left out of campaign?

3) I miss the red Xs signifying a teammates death on your HUD, why were these removed from the HUD?
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Dear BS Angel, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I hope you had a nice holiday season. It’s great to see you’re back and working on another bulletin, I really enjoy reading them. And it’s even more great to see you asking the community for questions.

I have a few questions, so I will keep them as “to the point” as possible. I know your time is valuable. Keep in mind that I have an enormous amount of respect for you and 343. And I realize that there is a lot about making video games that I am unaware of. So hopefully the brevity of my questions doesn't come across as rude, they are not intended to be so.

Is 343 aware that there is a large number of players that are very unsatisfied with the current gametype customization options? (I’m guessing you are very aware because of this thread: ) Does 343 feel like these issues need to be addressed? What would be realistic to expect if there is going to be any improvements to the gametype options at all?

Is 343 aware that a large number of players are very unsatisfied with the forge maps and forge options? This thread on forgehub had over 6900 views and 168 replies: And that is just one example of many, many conversations. Which I know you don’t have time to read. So I will try and address a few key points, that haven’t already been addressed in your previous posts and bulletins.

Will a future update bring back precision forging?

Any new news about when the file share system will become available?

Is there any chance that one of the future map packs will include a forging environment that is bigger and more open, and has a full spectrum of terrain, from jagged rocks, to small hills, to flat ground? Along with a forerunner pallet that has more uniform colors as well as sharper corners?

If a new forging environment is unrealistic, could we at least get a more expanded pallet on one of the future maps? (Along the lines of the Halo Reach map“Tempest.”)

Is there any way that a future update could remove the needless soft kill zones on the 3 forging maps?

Is 343 aware that a lot of players have been asking for a flying UNSC vehicle? (Falcon or Hornet) Is there any chance of getting said flying UNSC vehicle included with one of the future maps packs?

I have many, many more questions, but that’s probably more than enough for right now. I don’t want to seem like someone that is just unhappy, and will not be satisfied by anything. I really do think Halo 4 is great game, and I’ve thanked 343 again and again on these forums for all the hard work they’ve put into it.

Thank you for your time BS Angel, a reply to any (or of course all) of these questions would be fantastic!
Ello thar.

I was just curious to why we aren't able to view Spartan Ops and Campaign in theater mode.

Was it intentional? Or is there going to be a fix in the future?

How come I tend to always get shot through walls, rocks, floors etc?
(I took a few screenshots of this that are in my file share)

Will there be a IN-GAME visible ranking system? If not, why not?

Will you please add a forge map/map remake playlist and keep them out of other playlist?

Will there ever be a classic playlist with no AA and no pre-set loadouts?

Why did this Virgin gaming thing take over MLG?


AND what was the title update for on 12/18/2012? Which changed the games version number from 1.02.00 to 1.02.01.

When will campaign theater and scoring be implemented?
Thank you for your time.
Why are playlists added and then removed? Why not just put all of them in?
Several questions I have would be:

Will you add the Race Gametype in the future?

Will you add the traditional Infection gametype for the future? (For customs)

Will you add VIP in the future?

Will Spartan Ops ever have an option for lives? (Being unable to lose makes it boring)

Will there ACTUALLY ever be online support for weapon lowering (Not through glitches)

Will Flood have the option to let non-infected players wear their normal colored armor instead of being yellow?

(Longshot) Will custom player traits based on loadouts (Eg. Jump height for Loadout 1 = 120% while Jump Height for Loadout 2 = 90%)

Will forge regain it's "Leader only forge" option from Halo 3?

All of these are questions asking if they will EVENTUALLY be added, not necessarily soon.
3 on-disc maps are being held hostage for potential DLC purchases which clearly won't happen with the prices at $10 per map pack. Wall Street tactics. Pretty gross. Bad reputation.

I've bought the DLC pass begrudgingly and the transaction felt forced and overpriced. So as a paying subscriber, please answer

When will map count be lifted from 4-5 maps per playlist to 7-8?
When are we going to get the Race Gametype!! Really... I need to know something... at least say if they will be putting it in or not... it is killing me :(

Also, when will the fileshare system be finished?
I've been looking at all of these updates since the launch. Nothing on custom games. Why has there been no response to a serious concern for a good chunk of the Halo fan base?
When can we see full implementation of the fileshare system?
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