Fan-made Classic Map Pack 1 - A Halo 4 Trailer

From Abstyler:

This is a trailer of the four maps I have remade in Halo 4 so far. The maps are in my File Share. You can download them by performing an in-game search for my Gamertag: Abstyler. Enjoy!

Click here to watch the video
The Lockout remake should have been included, it was quite nice remake as well ;)
Those are sooo AWESOME good job!! You should do a remake of Chillout from Halo 1 biggest classic ever!
Excellent maps friend, you did a great job re-creating the favorites. Kudos.
Yes these maps look awesome,Hang em high is one i use to play alot in Halo 1 and 2 so its going to be great to play it in Halo 4 ^_^
I think it's great that people spend their time to make such great maps for the community. :) Customs would be pretty boring without forgers like this.
They looked awsome.

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