How can you have a Halo game with no FFA slayer playlist? How? Seriously, how?

I get that regicide is someone's baby there at 343, and that you're all very proud of it. I won't say whether I like it or not, and I don't want that to be the discussion here, because that's not the point of this post.

The point is that you're disappointing long-term fans of the series, essentially for no reason. The competitive free-for-all nature of CE is what attracted so many of us to this franchise. It's a quintessential part of the competitive online experience. It's a game type where, objectively speaking, the best player wins. Period. Regicide you can be in second or third place the whole game and sneak a victory by getting a last second max bonus kill. That doesn't jive with the competitive spirit entrenched within the history of this franchise.

To me there are three game types that should be untouchable, which should be left in matchmaking no matter what: big team (objective and slayer), regular team slayer and FFA slayer. Anything else you want to do with the objective/different game types is understandable. Dominion over KotH? Sure. Extraction over Team Snipers? If you say so. SWAT instead of Pro? Okay. But FFA regicide over slayer? NO. This will not stand. The insult that was FFA Throwback was clearly unacceptable, I'm sure the numbers demonstrated that clear as crystal. Not including slayer as a game type in that playlist was just a bad decision.

I know you can't make everyone happy. I'm not saying you should replace regicide with slayer, because there are lots of fans of that game type. Nor am I suggesting they can't coexist. All I'm asking for is some transparency. Are we going to get a FFA slayer playlist or not? Are you waiting to perfect the ranking system or are we stuck with regicide as a cut and dry replacement forever?
I play with 2-3 friends quite often, the only way we can kill each other is Regicide. That is wrong, Please Please Please PLEASE add more Free-For-All gametypes
I totally agree.
dude just calm down. I get that thats what attracted people to halo but thats no reason to get so damn pissed. This is 343s gam now. They can do what they want.
nighthawk47129;2141910 wrote:
This is 343s gam now. They can do what they want.

Of course they can do what they want. They could delete half of the playlists and force us to play regicide if they want, doesn't make it right, doesn't mean we should sit idly by and let it happen. To me FFA Slayer is a basic feature of any Halo experience, and the lack thereof is a joke.
There definitely needs some work done to the playlists. In my opinion it lacking and I've resorted to only playing tm slayer and big tm slayer. I miss Rumble Pit and Multiteam the most. KoTH is also amazing fun
I miss Rumble Pit.

When I first heard of Regicide I had assumed that it would be a new gametype within the Rumble Pit playlist (in addition to Slayer, KotH, Oddball, Juggernaut, and maybe Headhunter).

I think 343i is trying to gauge exactly how far they can stray from Bungie's legacy
while keeping the vocal fanbase (which I fear is a minority) playing the game.
I support this cause :P

I really love the FFA game style from time to time... Regicide dose not fill that gap
Infinity Slayer

There's an FFA playlist. Oh but no map combos that don't work please - Oddball was on Complex and that's a 4v4 or 6v6 map not for FFA objective
FFA slayer is a popular playlist in ALL first person shooters.
I am with you..
you forgot to mention double and multi team
Team Snipers!!!! that and swat are my favorite
Yeah can we just implement Regicide into a larger FFA rumble pit playlist lol