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Also, apparently XBL has released a notice that people may be having trouble with the Crimson Map Pack DLC. This is turning out to be highly disappointing. I was really looking forward to trying out some of the other specializations and I'm certainly not going to purchase the DLC until this issue is resolved.

Gamertag: DerivedOdin
I'm 22 years old.
Playing since November 6th.
Live in USA.

this is the second post ive made about not getting a code.
i bought halo 4 on the 19th of november and still dont have a code.
please send me a code i hate being stuck on level 70!! :(
Rebornxcarnage Yes played on launch day. Yes live in amarica yea I'm 18 years old bought every halo kinda sad about this one tho :-(
Your Xbox LIVE Gamertag Fierce Fate
Confirmation (by saying yes or no) you played the game while connected to Xbox LIVE before 11:59:59 P.M. Eastern Time on November 20, 2012
Confirmation (by saying yes or no)Yes you are 17 years of age and older
Confirmation (by saying yes or no) Yes
United States.
gamertag stingray long, yes i played before the 20th, yes older then 17, yes live in the usa...... email for account isnt active never recieved the email for specialization.
hello again still no code in my email or live messaging

Gamertag Sh4vedpanda
yes played since day 1
yes i am 23
yes i live in the United States

Please post an update regarding code distribution!

Im stuck at level 70 and would like to continue earning commendation credits :(
Gamertag: Sleestack27
Played before November 20th: Yes
Over the age of 17: Yes
Live in United states: Yes
DerivedOdin;2008490 wrote:
Someone mentioned contacting XBL Support and got their code, could you share the number you contacted with the rest of us so we could try our luck as well in getting this issue resolved?

I just got off the phone and they did not mention anything about a code. Their only answer to my question was to post here. That evidently doesn't resolve anything.

This is my third attempt. If I don't recieve the unlock code, 100 pages of spam will follow. Sorry for the inconvenience.
how do i get a code to unlock the next six specailizions.
i am sorry but i find this really stupid. if your gonna release it to those who have played before 10/20/12 which i did why not release it to everyone and make it easier and less of a hassle and just put it out in an update instead of pissing people off because now they cant get it.
Been posting on this for a week straight now. Still not even as explanation to why I have not received my code. I am stuck at 70 and have no way of ranking up. Please send me this code. Why cant you just send an upgrade or something. Cant be that hard.


Yes I live in the USA

Yes I have been playing before the 20th

Yes I am older than 17




5th time reposing, called xbox "18004myxbox" got to a representative. He said I can only refer you to this forum. I can't do anything else
billyjr840-i have not received the token to unlock the 6 last specializations and have played since release please send me code.
Gamertag obrien1620
Yes im 28
Yes i live in usa
Yes i played every day since launch
Yes this is bs
Yes no one is checking these posts
Yes i am wasting my time
Yes i am not playing halo of buying new maps until this is resolved
gamertag ; slowrock22


and my question is why don't you patch the damn game and unlock specializations for everyone ?!
GT: juiceboxlegend

*Deleted email accidentally.
You know... Why doesnt 343 just make the specializations available to all.... Because now we have some people who never got there code, some people who got it and had them but now dont ( reason unknown ) and all its doing is causeing people to be angry at you ( 343 )

PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. Please give me back the specializations... Please give them to the people that SHOULD have them.

jugué halo 4 antes del 20 de noviembre tengo mas de 17 años y estoy atascado en el nivel 70
Gamer tag: MatRicX
Yes I've played since launch
Yes I'm over 18
Yes I live in Canada
Yes I meet all the criteria
Never got an email or a message from Microsoft
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