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Edit 3: We got another response on page 62 from a 343i Employee, and it reads

Forum Team
The number of players in the fallback hoppers has dropped, however there are still people experiencing problems accessing the main servers. We'll continue to investigate and push out fixes until these issues are resolved.

Edit 2 : We got another response on page 22 from a 343i employee, and it reads

MM Systems Team
Recruit - Iron
We're sure most of you have already done this, but if you have not, please restart your console, as this will help some of you get out of the fallback hoppers. Regardless of the results, please let us know if this resolves your issues.

We are continuing to investigate those of you who are experiencing this problem - if you have not yet provided your gamertag and region, please do so, as this allows us to look into your specific situation.

Thank you for your continued patience.

EDIT: We got a response on page 7 from a 343i employee, and it reads:

Forum Team
There are a few hundred players who have been unable to connect to our servers since yesterday. We're investigating now and hope to have an update soon. If you are experiencing this issue, we'd appreciate knowing your gamertag and what region you're in, as this will help us with our investigation. Thank you in advance for any additional insight you can provide.

Edit 2: For the record, since it is such a widespread group (worldwide), and now people coming and saying they were in normal matchmaking not spartan ops, makes it even harder for them to pin point where the problem exists.

Please include this list in your post:

A) Gamer Tag
B) Location
C) Last time played?
D) Were you using Mtn Dew XP?
E) What rank are you?
F) Were you in a match or Idle?
G) Can you connect to anyone else? (been reports that some have connected back randomly.)
H) Have you tried cleaning your Cache or doing other things to try to solve the problem?

Hey all, lets please try to keep all the "Cannot connect to server" posts to one thread..

If you are having problems with connecting to the servers and are unable to play matchmaking and Spartan Ops, Please stop for a second and sign this thread. and maybe a 343i employee will see it!

Also, can a 343i or any other official personal please comment and let us know that you know there is an issue and you are working on it? and possibly give an eta. on a fix?

Thanks in advance
~Fa113n AngeI
Has it started working again for most of you? I still can't connect, and sitting in the backup server
I agree that this is an issue that needs to be brought to attention because it is obviously not being dealt with judging by the amount of people i have seen posting about this all around the web. Apparently this issue has been around since launch day and yet it still has not been fixed and that is unacceptable for a title as big as Halo 4. I am currently experiencing this problem with the fallback hopper. I have had the game since launch and I have not had a single problem with the matchmaking or spartan ops until today 11/26. I think that this issue may be tied to the fact that the new spartan ops episode was released today and that it some how screwed up my account because this morning, i was able to play 1 episode of spartan ops from week 3 without any trouble but then i started to experience weird glitches while playing the episode such as my armor resetting to default when i would die or not being able to access my load-outs at all between re-spawns. Once I finished the episode, i was kicked from the lobby and my rank was reset back to SR-1 and now i can't play spartan ops at all and i am stuck in the back up hopper for matchmaking. I have a perfectly fine internet connection but just to verify that it was not the culprit, I reset it many times today and the issue still persists. I have open NAT so that is not an issue either so the issue has to be on 343i's end.
In the same boat. And I wouldnt be that annoyed if someone from 343 would freaking speak up and address it. Ive tried system/router restarts and clearing my system cache. Still getting the revert back to hopper server after about 20secs of seeing the actual server playlists.
343 please fix this for me it shows i am sr1 and i cant see anything because it says the server is down. my gt is perronbluesfan
Ive been like this for 9 hour straight while all my friends are playing. This is quite frustrating
I can't connect after nearly 12 hours

Friend can't connect at the moment as well. Got on to play with him, looks like I can't since he wasn't even able to play anything.

I get File Share not working at the moment, but this many people unable to connect, that's absurd.
Yep I'm with you guys. I'm sitting next to two buddies who can play no problem, meanwhile if I try to play with my gamertag I can only play on the backup servers. The fact that some people can play and some people can't seems to be key, I'm guessing we all have something in common.... OR a random bunch of people are being forced to play on the backup servers due to high traffic on the regular servers, which would totally suck for us and is completely unacceptable.
I was playing through the New Spartan Ops today. Right after completing mission 4, I got this "lost connection to server" message. Now everything I look at his the dreaded "Halo 4 servers are down" message. Its been about 10 hours now.
it would be one thing if the servers were down and there was a reason for it but it's literally like "the servers are down, we're kinda working on it, we'll ignore everyone affected until it's fixed"
I cant connect to servers. Thanks
JynX2501;1866188 wrote:
I was playing through the New Spartan Ops today. Right after completing mission 4, I got this "lost connection to server" message. Now everything I look at his the dreaded "Halo 4 servers are down" message. Its been about 10 hours now.

Same with me since about 10:30am I have been getting that message wish they would at least tell us whats going on.
This is ridiculous!!! I understand that things go wrong and that it takes time to fix them, but the lack of communication on 343's part is utterly ridiculous. At least acknowledge that there is a problem and tell us how long the fix will take. Not that hard to figure out if you ask me.
Very poor communication about this problem by the folks in charge. I'm in the same boat and haven't been able to play a regular game for the last 12 hours.
Never happened to me yet.
FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT. ....... FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT. But seriously, please do. I've been d/c'd from servers for almost 12 hrs now.. ITS A TAD ANNOYING. :c
This is getting really -Yoinking!- annoying. It's not the problem itself that pisses me off the most, it's the lack of communication from 343
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