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Just to throw my two cents in, I completely agree with 90% of what you said. The weapons disappearing, the scoping, Ragnarok. The only thing I disagree with you about is the guns. All the precision weapons, excluding the Carbine, are incredibly overpowered. The BR and the DMR deal so much more damage than they should. What about the players who enjoyed using his/her AR? The AR, Suppressor, and the Storm Rifle, in my opinion, are WAY too weak. If I'm in a firefight with one other player who has a DMR and I have a Suppressor, I don't stand a chance.
I'm not saying that the automatic weaponry should be more powerful than the precisions (because they shouldn't). I just think that they should be almost as powerful. Time and time again I find myself infuriated by the fact that an automatic weapon loses to a precision close-range. I loved Reach and Halo 3 to death, I really did. I could actually win a firefight against a BR with my AR (or against a DMR in Reach). That's what I loved about those games; everything was so even.
Read the original post 343. Please! This guy is 100% right. Listen to him, and all the fans that support him, and return Halo to it's true form.
i agree with everything you have said. instant respond is limited. not allowing people to change sprint or flag carrying options is limited. random player and weapon spawns are limited. but the worst thing out of it all is the fact that a weapon will disappear after someone dies, I HATE THIS WITH A PASSION!!!
What I'd like to see 343 bring back in Matchmaking/Forge

1) Bring back Hemorrage or a Blood Gulch type map, the current Halo 4 maps feel too crowded. I don't care if i have to use Points to buy one, the cost is worth it.

2) Forge World: I have no clue why 343 eliminated Forge World from the game. Whilst Ravine, Erosion, and Impact are great maps, they are much too crowded. Forge World allowed us to create massive structures of our imaginations, ravine on the other hand, limits us to a space slightly bigger than the hangar in Forge World.

and where the crap are all of the specializations!!?? im currently at 70, have not played everyday nor have i maxed out (stupid) all the days that i have played. please give me a logical reason why i can no progress my player? not only are there no ranked matches, but now i cant even get xp?? i have been playing halo sense day one, and every single halo thats been connected to live has had a constant progression until you hit the final cap. can i have one reason why my player has to sit there while everyone else moves up? what is the point of me constantly playing, competing against other players if im not rewarded at all?
It's sad to say this but Halo is dead unless 343 reads and does what this thread says.
OP is soooo correct.

343i, whatever happen to the game philosophy of, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it?"

De-scoping, Ragnarok, Vehicles, Elite player models, Flood(WTF man, this KILLED INFECTION customs) and ultimately player customizations(You have to unlock this and that to get armor, which while ok, becomes stupid when it becomes an entire armor set.)
I also miss the option to choose between Ranked and Social, and especially Rumble Pit, Lone Wolves and Team Doubles, I really had a good time with it at Halo 3!
I love this thread, we need to get people to sign a petition on this, and hand it repeatedly over and over to 343 as it updates automatically. They need to hear, this needs to be put into fb groups galore, and twitter, and myspace (yes why not) and... take your pick of social media... pickup the pace all, this is serious... 343 bleeped up the game, and they need to fix it asap... It's SO LIMITED right now...

2 dvd game... install 2nd one, hell I installed 1st one and side by side with a non installed 1st one and I gained 10 seconds... but the install was longer then required... the game content is limited at best...


- rmleloup
I agree with just about everything on that list, before reading this when asked why i didn't like halo 4 as much as reach/3, i could only think of "it's jsut something about it" but this list has pretty much everything.

the one thing i disagree on though, is the carbine, it isn't underpowered, i use it all the time, and often beat users of all the weapons, only time it's hard to use is long range. but, then i switch to the light rifle.
bump bump bump

where is my assault and BTB objective game types?
343 ruined halo for all the reasons mentioned plus some. I miss Bungie where they actually listened to their community and fanbase and not just profits.343 is reminding me a lot of EA.

Agreed. I am sick of them trying to force us to like what they have done. I.e. the rotational playlists. I dont want to play your lame gametypes. Give me back the choice to play what we want!

If they dont listen to the community soon, Im out forever and back over to bungies new stuff.
Please listen to this, 343. This is halo, not some new game. This "new direction" is horrible.
Absolutely phenomenally written and would love to have you as a primary editor for upcoming and post-launch games. You have nailed every single possible, dreadful aspect that 343i incorporated and the removal of all of the wonderful aspects of the Halos that we loved. Absolute masterpiece - and very nice KDR.
First off I truly enjoy Halo 4. Its fun and different. With that being said, I only play Team Slayer Pro. Reason being is that other playlists are unbalanced. I think everyone in this post has summed up the problems, but the main problem is there is no longer any sort of competitive environment. Please 343 bring back ranked and suit the game to the old schoolers, because if you don't we might not be there for Halo 5...which means adios paycheck.
Once again, am I the Only one that gets rediculous lag and black screens?? The lag meeds to be mainly stopped along with all the other problems that you point out. Im a Halo veteran as well, started in 2003 and got my own first halo game at a midnight release for Halo 2. I love alot of the points you make, and since you have the most attention I will back you on this. Play a couple matches on Halo 4 with me and i will show you that the lag is awful.
You're not the only one with lag. I can't play co-op because of the lag I get. 0.5secs between input and reaction.

However, I urge everyone here to stop bashing 343i like this. They did a VERY good job, however they fell at the final hurdle. They made a great game but fumbled the presentation. There are a lot of niggling faults like the weapons disappearing in Spartan Ops and disappearing Way too fast in Multiplayer but all in all the game is pretty good.

That said... it's not good enough for me to be grateful that I bought it. I love the story but I would be satisfied watching the cutscenes on youtube. Halo 4 is a good game but I don't buy good games. I buy amazing games. Games like the previous Halo games.

They didn't give us the gametypes that we love to play in online and outright removed some of the best gametypes from the previous game. They lowered the amount of game customisation and in the middle of all this jargon they release a preview for the next map pack BEFORE they release a public statement saying they are going to fix things.

343i can still turn this train-wreck around but if they want to get the halo fans back for their next two games... they're going to need to shape up. Valve manage it, why can't 343i just reassure us that things'll be fixed.
I agree with pretty much everything that has been said in the first posts. Another issue that is happening a lot, and i dont know if it is everybody who is experiencing this but there is a substantial amount of lag every game. Its game breaking and makes me want to stop playing. Usually I do. How is it that 343i is "fixing" things and adding new playlists and new episodes for spartan ops but it doesn't seem like they are taking a lot of the major gripes people have into consideration??
Amen. Instant respawn, spawn locations, and primary weapon balance all need fixed for this game to bring back the Halo 2 and 3 population numbers.

Good maps would be nice too..
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