Halo Waypoint from the Xbox 360 (Requiem Archive I) tell me to "look for Section 3 NEWS on" is it ? Why can't I find it !?
And There is another thing about the glyphs at the end of "Cryptum" and I have also found some Glyphs on Waypoint, I have taken pictures of them but they are way too un-organised so I can't use them.

And I would appreciate it if someone helped me here BUT I don't want just the codes. Because I have found a few codes about some armor but I don't want to use them. I want to "legitimate" find the codes and experience the whole process.

I also heard that there are a few Glyphs on some videos from 343 Industries, but I don't actually remember anything.
As far as the codes you need to decipher them and as of yet there are only three available so far. One code was a bunch of jumbled codes you have to place in the correct order. If you go to the halo waypoint app on the Xbox and look through some of the recent news you can find the one of the spartan ops trailers. Press Y for more options and select classified and you will find the second of the three armor codes. Good luck.
I just want a link to "Section 3 NEWS" on SO I CAN HAVE MY CODES...all youtube has is a bunch of people posting the codes...that's not what i want.
It is pretty confusing - it tells you to go to the website but I've seen no easy way to view it on the website. Do what the guy in post #2 said - go to "What's new" (there is nothing marked "Section 3 News" that I see). Hit the Y button for "Show More" and select Halo 4. Scroll down to Spartan Ops Season 1 Trailer (or anything with a tag of "Classified") and hit Y again, and choose Classified. You'll see a couple of graphics with ???? markings that have the glyphs.

It's neat that they are doing this, and I don't want it just handed to me, but they didn't do a very good job of instructing you on what to do, especially in regards to telling you to view Section 3 News on the website, which I don't see marked anywhere.

Yeah we want to find these ourselves. My problem was I was using my PC.
I am having the same problem....Frustrating. I am so ready to just go to youtube and get the codes. I actually had to read all your posts four times to understand. Waypoint is ridiculously confusing!
Sooo Basically i have to go to the halo waypoint app on xbox 360 and look for all of these
Thank you all for your help ! I haven't look at the trailers because I didn't want any spoilers. But I finished episode 1 and 2 already so I will just watch them.

Thanks again !
Finally! Thanks for the information. I hope that they correct their references on where to find the Raider armor. And as Bungie would have said,"See you starside."