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Big Team Capture The flag
Assault or Bomb The Base
Best playlists:

Big Team Battle: Best maps and playing with Scorpion or Mantis
SWAT: one shot

Worst playlist:

King of the Hill: Ratio killer

Want you to add:

Rumble Pit: Regicide is boring because when you are the king, everyone see where you are
Double Team: When only one riend is connected
Multi Team: When only two friends are connected
Slayer 5 VS 5: When 4 friends are connected but don't like Big Team Battle
Re-add Team Snipers!

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  • What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

  • What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

  • What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?

Favorite Halo 4 playlist(s): Infinity Slayer, SWAT, Regicide, King of the Hill,and Oddball

Least favorite Halo 4 playlist(s): Big Team Infinity Slayer (I love it and hate it from time to time) and Flood (Because Shotgun Commd. doesn't count in this playlist, fix that and I'd play ten times more)

Playlist(s) that aren't in: Team Snipers (I know it was back for one week, to me I want it back permamently), Grifball (I played this for so many hours on Reach, love to play it in Halo 4), I want to give a go at Extraction, but it's custom only (for now). And sadly just because I miss Firefight (I know Spartan Ops replaced it, but I want it back if possible) Co-Campaign matchmaking (Not everyone has friends, and Reach had this. Please for those actually use this, bring this one back.)

Thanks 343, for reading!
My favorite playlist is Oddball. It's really fun to play and the action is always intense. There's never a dull moment in Oddball.

My least favorite is King of the Hill. Seems like nobody cares for the objective from the times that I played it. I pretty much won an entire match by myself with no teammates needed. Everyone else was too busy killing each other.

I want a Classic playlist with forge made Halo 2/3 maps. I want Assault, Big Team objective, and Team Doubles.
My most favorite playlist would be Infinity Big Team Slayer because of the the way that vehicles can be use and/or taken down.

I dont have a least favorite playlists, but the one i play the least is Team SWAT because is not much of a challenge.

The playlists i would like back would be the Multi Team bacause I find it very rewarding when me and my squad finish first or second knowing that there were 3 other teams going for first place or finishing third or forth that would make us fight much harder next match.

I would absolutely love to see a sorta Big Multi Team playlist. Like 4v4v4v4 or 3v3v3v3v3 maaaan that would be so chaotic!
please add an infection game type.
people want to play as spartans in cops and robbers and infection games similar to that. flood mode only fits into zombie base infection.
Also you should let people pick up weapons, cause i'm pretty sure flood have always been able to do that.

what i'm initially trying to say is to fix infection because the fact that flood can only use one weapon kills it alone.
Playlists and Spartan Ops rule


However multi team and BTB objective are some of my all time doubles too ^_^
I do not have an answer for most favorite playlist, as I haven't played every play list to a large extent. I am also opened for new playlists.

However, my least favorite playlist was Team Snipers, mainly because of the new flinch mechanic. It gives the person who shot first a great advantage over the victim, as the reticle seems to rotate 45 degrees upwards after getting shot in the chest, and you hardly have time to aim it back down to recover before the second shot. This basically promotes body shots over snipes. Reducing the flinch, or if possible just removing it in general, would make the playlist much more competitive and enjoyable.
  • What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

    Definitely Dominion, Its what I play almost all day...
    Reason: I love big scale battles but not like big team battle, or other slayer stuff, I like having a reason to be in there killing people, in this case for defending the outposts, Its the more close thing to my beloved Invasion... rest in peace my love I'll miss you for the incoming years =,=

  • What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

    Team Snipers & Team Slayer PRO
    I hate being forced to use the same kind of weapon as everyone else but more importantly the lists in wich the only thing everyone knows to use is DMR, BR and Sniper Rifle, because whats the damn point in having an extense weapon list if everyone only uses the damn DMR, BR & Sniper Rifle?... on every match everyone runs like hell just to pick the damn sniper, and if they dont get it they start betraying to take it. Also almost more than 95% of the halo population uses only DMR, BR the whole damn game, its hard to find service records in wich the most used weapon gets something that isnt a DMR or BR, its just a waste to have more weapons on a game in wich everyone uses only 2 or 3 of them.

  • What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?

    The greatest mistake I found from Halo 4 gametypes is the removal of this gametype, since Halo 4 was announced the first and last thing I was expecting was the evolution of the Invasion variant and the new features it would be awsome for it to have, I was already thinking on awsome new maps for Invasion while I was wating for my Limited Edition and my Xbox copy that November 5 night. And everything just to start the game and see how my invasion gametype had banished in front of my eyes while many of my dreams and hopes for an epic game shuddenly got smashed like a glass falling to the floor...

What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

Team Swat is most definitely my favorite playlist. It allows for the perfect balance between skill and luck for anyone to enjoy its games.

What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

I can honestly say there is not a single playlist I don't like, but the one I play the least is probably Dominion.

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?

I hate that it has to be like this.. but I am seriously upset that Team Snipers was removed from the playlists. It is by far, my favorite game type.. Yes the jerk when you get shot is annoying, but if someone didn't jerk, I would be worried. Please, please, please, please, bring this back to the playlists.
Lartuka had a good suggestion:

"It would also be nice to have weapons on the map like all previous releases."

Even if only one playlist was added like this, it'd be better than nothing. This goes along with my reasoning of respecting the halo history that brought gamers to halo 4. I like both the infinity point system as well as the traditional slayer mechanics. I hope there's room for both. It would be a great way to offer variety to us gamers.
make it like reach please where like(red is the playlist and blue is map when u vote)

team slayer(4v4)-normal*map
-slayer pro*map

Squad slayer(6v6)-normal*map
-slayer pro

-capture the flag*map
-the bomb thing*map
-team snipe*map



-normal slayer*map
-slayer pro*map

Multi team-king of the hill*map
-odd ball*map

-only pistol*map

Action Sack-random gametypes* random map


-take out abilities for floods*map

My question is that when i log into halo 4 its says that the Halo 4 servers are down.
And that there's a standard playlist.
This problem is going on for 4 days now and its still the same.
Are you fixing this or is it just me.
Please let me/ us know im not the only one with this problem.

P.S sorry for my bad englisch
Please make a proper BTB playlist with (at the very least)

- Infinity slayer (though I would not vote for it but I'm happy for players to have the choice)
- 'Classic' slayer (ie slayer with no PODs)
- 1 flag CTF
- Multi flag CTF
- Assault
- Territories

Sadly, Infinity slayer doesn't really work for BTB. Vehicle combat is killed by a combination of plasma grenade/plasma pistol/camo loadouts and the huge number of tank busting weapons accessed from the PODs.
What is your favourite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Big Team Infinity Slayer. I love BTB and it could do with a few more players either side on each team.
I also like Regicide.

What is your least favourite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Probably Flood. Never been a fan of infection type gameplay

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
I'm going to list several.
1. Grifball. Bring it back. It has to come back.
2. Juggernaught. I don't understand why this hasn't been more popular. It's fun as hell to play. Especially when the Juggernaught has Active Camo, No Radar and 100% Faster.
3. Regular FFA
My favourite playlists are the Halo 4 main servers.... just sayin :P

However..... when they are working I love playing big team infinity slayer (when i get to play on a map other than ragnarok)but would like to see some big team objective game types! SWAT potato was a personal favourie of mine in reach so i would like to see that return and maybe an alpha zombies variant for flood!
What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Team Sniper, SWAT & Rumpble pit, bc they are awesome

What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
oddball and king off the hill, bc everbody is running like crazy to the same point and that isn't a lot of fun, bc you get killed all the time..

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?

My favorite is multi team

Least favorite don't have one

One I wish they would bring back all of them
This is my second post I think on the subject snipers,We had it then lost it and I don"t know why.More people played it than most of the other games.Whoever did this should look at what we want and not what they think we want.I think you need to put someone in charge who likes to play the GAME. JIM
Favorite game Swat,next is snipers,wish it was back.
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