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While many of our decisions are based on in-game numbers and stats, there are some things numbers don't say, and that's why your personal feedback is so valuable to us. With that in mind, I'm going to occasionally ask you questions, and I'd love nothing more than to hear your thoughts on the matter.

First, the ground rules:

  • Stay on topic. This thread is about playlists. That means this is not the place to discuss the daily XP cap, or why you think <insert a weapon here> needs to be buffed. Posts that are off-topic will be treated as such.

  • Treat your fellow forum members with respect. These questions don't have right or wrong answers. They are based on opinion, thus everyone is entitled to one.

Now, time for some questions about playlists!

  • What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

  • What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

  • What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
I realise you asked for one playlist to be mentioned for each question, so I've put my top choice as the one that's most important to me.


  • What is your favorite playlist and why? (Not included yet)

Team Snipers: Edit: Was a lot of fun, would have been better if there were some smaller maps thrown in as well (Haven, Relay etc.)

Team doubles: I got my 50 in this back in Halo 3 and I've had some of the most intense Halo games of my life in that playlist

Team Swat: Edit: It's going well.

Default Free for all: FFA Throwback had too many players in a game and needs to be more slayer orientated.

  • Favourite playlist already in and why?

Infinity Slayer: This is a lot of fun. I like what you've done here.

Dominion: A welcomed edition to the Halo universe

Capture the flag: As much as I'd like the option in customs to alter the permanent changes you've made here, I actually like the gametype how it is now. Though for MLG settings in the future, an option to change the flag traits would be nice.

Flood: This playlist has converted me to an infection gamer. It's no longer an unbalanced game of instantly killing zombies over and over again. It's a challenge, but insanely fun. I picked up a Killtastrophe today in it.

  • What is your least favorite playlist and why?

It was infection, but I like Flood. Top effort!

Not a fan of King of the Hill. Never have been.

  • What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?

Race: Come on BS Angel, you love Ducain as much as the next person. I'd like to see some of his race maps in the future, but we need a gametype for it. Also, to keep on topic, a playlist for race gametypes would be cool :)

Grifball and extraction: Why have a gametype if there's nowhere to play it?



Custom map playlist!

Love what you've done with Halo 4, looking forward to the future :)
Classic versions of every gametype :D

no loadouts
no killcam
3 second respawn
Friendly Fire On
AR and Pistol with fixed weapon spawns
Team SWAT is coming next week finally, so i for one welcome back team snipers.
I'm looking forward to SWAT. Also I would absolutely love a racing playlist. I know it hasn't been in a Halo game before, but with some good community maps that would be awesome.
Favourite playlist would be between Team Doubles and MLG. I would like to see all Halo 3 playlists integrated into the game alongside classic maps and gametypes with full customizability. Just an suggestion but Halo 3 was by far the most popular Halo game to date one of the reasons behind that was the community support. Maybe 343 industries should involve the community more in the decision making process after all we make Halo what it is.
I would love for you to bring back Multi Team/Action sack and Team Snipers. All were amazing.

Least favourite would be Regicide. I never really liked FFA in any of the Halo'.

Favourite this Halo would be Infinity Slayer, though it could do with improvements.

What is your favorite playlist and why?
Team Swat - Have always enjoyed Swat

What is your least favorite playlist and why?
Regicide - Not feeling this at all. (Would rather have a FFA playlist).

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
MLG - I know it's early days still but will be nice if its added before Christmas.
Team Doubles - Some of the most intense games I've played to the point me and my doubles partner would hit each other :D
Team Tactical - Was nice to mix it up a bit

Yea I know I listed 3.. I have needs! ^^
I like king of the hill, because you always know where to find the action, and my least favorite gametype is.... I'm not sure. Also, I think there should be a playlist for rumble pit. I don't really like regicide because you get targeted for being good. I think that regicide should just be a gametype in the rumble pit playlist.
My favourite playlist is probably Infinity Slayer right now because there is no SWAT or Team Snipers to play in.

My least favourite is Flood. It was meh back in Halo 3, I hated it in Reach, and it seems that it still plays exactly the same as it does in Reach. I don't like it. Humans should not have radar...

I would like to see Team Snipers, Double Team(if possible), an actual FFA playlist, Big Team Objective, Grifball, SWAT(I guess it is getting added in soon, so that's cool), Multi-Team, and definitely Action Sack. Action Sack was always a blast to go in and play some crazy mini games. Though I think that Halo 3 had more(better) mini-games than Reach.
Favorite Gametypes:
Infinity Slayer
Big Team
occasional flood

Least Favorite GTs

Capture the flag
King of the hill
(Just simply because I always get put with people who are A: Kd boosting B: Not ging for the objective C: have no idea whatsoever as to what the are doing)

Bring back:
Infection (Where you can customize the infected weapons)

IF there is a Megalo like gametype scripting thing in Halo 4 lie there was in Reach, most of these should be possible
What is your favorite playlist and why?

Team Snipers: Snipes has been one of my favorites and allways will be.

Team doubles:Allways been a great playlist to play with a friend and I feel the competitive side is great with the teamwork. Definitely been my all time favorite
Can't really say I have a favourite playlist so far, spend the most time playing Infinity Slayer and KotH.

Least favourite - even though I haven't even played it yet - must be Regicide. After reading some of other ppls experiences I've decided not to give it a try. Don't like the concept of being able to win even though you go negative, or not winning when you go beast mode. Would like to see a regular FFA playlist.

Playlist I'd like to see: Team Doubles and Team Snipers pls!!

edit: now that I think of it, I really liked the Ranked/Social separation in Halo 3. Ranked if I wanna go competitive, social if I want to just sit back and have a couple of chill games.
sry for the off topic post but i really dont want this thread to die =/
Favorite Playlist:
Dominion - It's not actually my favorite (that's just straight up Team Slayer, as it always is), but this playlist is by far my favorite addition. It's like Territories but cool lol. I love the changes made to Dominion. It feels like your really gaining something by setting up and protecting your bases without the bonuses being too powerful. It also gives you a very serious incentive you really go offensive rather than just take two of three bases and then rest on your laurels.

Least Favorite:
King of the Hill - I've never been a huge fan of KotH, it usually turns into who can spam grenades the hardest and that gets boring quick. The fact that you now cannot pick up fallen grenades (without the appropriate tactical package) alleviates that slightly, but it's still a matter of everyone tossing all your grenades into and around the hill then hosing anyone left alive. It's just never struck a chord with me personally.

Assault - I know it's rather heretical, but I liked Assault more than CTF in Reach. It made more sense...what do a bunch of super soldiers want with a flag? Really now? I want to see Assault back in Halo 4 because I love how heavily it encourages teamwork and the new armor abilities and the ability for everyone to sprint opens up so many different tactics for offense and defense. I just imagine the bomb being escorted by one guy with Hardlight Shield while another two guys try to flank the defending team with Thruster Pack while the defending team tracks everyone with Promethean Vision and sets up Autosentry Turrets. How does that not sound awesome??
Would like to see: SWAT/Doubles/Snipers

Like so far: Slayers/CTF/KoH

Dislike: Regicide
Okay theres no ranking system Ex: 1-50 or Bronze-Onyx. BUT there is a very strong true skill in every playlist.

I'm playing social. Every playlist is social. I level up my SR whether I win or lose or if I play spartan ops or custom games. So why am I being put against good players every single game. I literally have to try my balls off every game. What happened to playing guests, which I have played one time on halo 4 out of like 150 games. I'm playing social infinity slayer I dont want to try my hardest every game.

And don't get me wrong I enjoy playing good players when I choose to ex: ranked halo 3 or Arena in Reach. But if I'm playing social slayer, where I still level up for losing, then I'd like to have casual games where I can just play and not have to play like I'm on the main stage at a MLG event.

And riddle me this 343 forums. What exactly is the true skill based off of? KD and your SR level? Or is it based off wins? And if I play with a friend who just got the game then what? Are we going to match people who win as much as me and/ or have a similar sr/kd. Or are we going to play new players like him. If we match my true skill how would it be fun for him to play halo 4?

My solution, drop true skill in social like it was in reach and halo 3. Add ranked playlists or something like Arena.

What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

Big Team Infinity Slayer, the insanity of the playlist is crazy and fun.

What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?
Flood - There are many changes that could go for it. I honestly like Flood A LOT but at the same time I can consider it my least favorite because of needed changes. There is a topic in the matchmaking forum that has some great recommendations to change it.

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?
I'll forever miss VIP, seriously. I've never met a single person that liked it.

ANYWAYS, Swat and Grifball should surely come back. Team snipers too :D
What is your favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

Either Infinity Slayer or Dominion.

What is your least favorite Halo 4 playlist and why?

Capture the Flag. Some of the maps in the playlist don't lend themselves to the gametype very well (which wouldn't have been a problem if we had more maps at launch/the forged maps the game came with were in MM).

What is one playlist we don't currently have that you wish we did?

Action Sack. It's literally the only thing I played on Halo 3's last legs and the month I had Reach.
Where is Multi Team or Team Doubles??
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