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1.) I don't even go in game chat, i'm in party chat, so i CANT talk trash.

2.) the only thing i do on this list is go IDLE but even at that i do it rarely.

This system is so ridiculous. You're banning Halo vets for no reason. So please i would like to know why i am banned PERMANENTLY. I understand a week or a month, but permanently!? c'mon 343
343 can you unban me i was doing nothing at all but just play the game
Ok I JUST LOGGED ON today and I have been BANNED PERMANENTLY FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It was bad enough how u people give the flood guns, u make sticky grenades bounce off of people! AND ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT YOU BAN ME FOR NO REASON. The only thing I can think of is that u people gave me some armor and emblems early then when I actually get to the rank that I actually unlock them you take them out of my armory. Plz tell WHAT THE F$&@ is happening. And plz help. I have been holding in anger since the start of this game but this is too much.
So I came back home earlier and sat down to play Halo 4 and I got this message saying that my account has been permanently banned from playing Halo 4 and it asked to go to but I found no reason why I got banned. 343 (I assume) banned me for what exactly ? I have had no problems with banning never and now they somehow ban me for yet again what exactly ? I would appreciate if someone read this and explain to me why I was banned for nothing ? Really disappointing that people around are getting banned and the ones who really are cheating, tampering, and screwing the system are gladly running around doing it. If anybody meaning 343 read this or honestly whoever can tell me why is this happening. Again, my Service Record is normal, Commendations are normal, no modded armor (didn't even know you could do that in a game) This "Banning System" that they have is banning random people judged on the "wrongdoing" ? I understand that there are cheaters, and something must be done to prevent this from happening, but please, stop banning people for no reason. Do serious Background check, Game History, Commendation Progress before you start Banning players like me and have them have a bad day. I hope this gets a higher attention by one of this people and I pray and hope something Fair is done. Thank you all for your time by reading this, and have a good New Year.
I have been banned for no reason at all! I have not done anything listed in the ban reasons and I get banned? I would really like to know why....
why was I banned and how long?...what is going on...I did not do anything wrong.
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If you could send me a message on xbox live about why i'm banned i'd appreciate it. i haven't modded or cheated in any way. At least make my ban temporary. My gamertag is (Dr Ketchup)
bear macer;2128804 wrote:

This is from the Terms of Use you have already agreed to.


2.5. What limitations apply to my access and use of Microsoft and third-party content? We may disable access to Microsoft and third-party content associated with your account for any reason. We may also remove or disable copies of applications on your Authorized Device in order to protect the Services, application providers, network operators or any other affected or potentially affected parties. Some content and applications available on the Services may be unavailable from time to time or may only be offered for a limited time due to contractual or other limitations, such as the Territory of your Account. As such, you may not be able to re-download content or applications or re-stream certain content that you have purchased; for example, if you change your account to another Territory you may need to re-purchase content or applications that were available to you and paid for in your previous Territory. Except to the extent required by applicable law, we have no obligation to provide a re-download or replacement of any content or application previously purchased. If we receive information from the content owners indicating the dates their content will be unavailable, we will try to share this information with you.

As is the following:


4.4. CLASS ACTION WAIVER. Any proceedings to resolve or litigate any dispute in any forum will be conducted solely on an individual basis. Neither you nor Microsoft will seek to have any dispute heard as a class action, private attorney general action, or in any other proceeding in which either party acts or proposes to act in a representative capacity. No arbitration or proceeding will be combined with another without the prior written consent of all parties to all affected arbitrations or proceedings.

So much for a class action suit 'eh? Probably should read what you are agreeing to in the future, especially if you are married to a lawyer.

If there is an error in the ban, someone will get in touch with you or it will just get fixed, as it has in the past when it's in error.

Threatening ineffectual legal proceedings and giving out bad advice won't get it done.
please i need help.. today i was playing online and y got banned permanently for no reason.. y need help here..
If you have been permanently banned, it was for modding, whether it be an armor piece, profile, console, or the game itself. We will investigate the latest wave of bans but as of right now, we have no reason to believe anything is amiss.
I have never used a mod! if that headless glitch is a mod then the system created it. About a month or so ago it happened to me, i attempted to join a friend from the dashboard and the game didnt download any of my dlc content and since i had a dlc helmet it gave me no head. Like ive stated, i have never cheated or modded. I wouldnt spend $100 to mod. Modding is the reason i stopped playing halo 3 when it was released. I hate modding and cheating. I just want to be able to play Halo again so i can stay in my community.
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In response to krymsonhalo, “We may disable access to Microsoft and third-party content associated with your account for any reason.” You have followed this to an illogical conclusion. According to your line of reasoning 343i could ban me simply because I am African American or for any other reason. An ounce of brain work shows this to be a silly argument.

If Microsoft wanted to, they could ban you for that, because if you can recall by reading the TOS again, they can ban you for any reason.
In response to wakkydude, this issue is already covered in my above post: "ToS are only slightly better than useless, especially if the company imposing them acts ridiculously, i.e. law always trumps contract."
Behavior is also more important than contract, and there are a myriad of ways companies can invalidate, or pierce, their corporate veils of protection. Consumer protection laws and State Attorney General Offices do not take kindly to the actions of companies that sell something and then rescind access to what they sold for no valid reason.

343 insisted their algorithm was flawless barely more than 12 hours ago. It clearly is not flawless, as bear macer's reinstatement demonstrates. If you've had access to something you purchased wrongfully rescinded, there are avenues of recourse. ToS agreements are starting points, nothing more.
Forum Team;2130544 wrote:
If you have been permanently banned, it was for modding, whether it be an armor piece, profile, console, or the game itself. We will investigate the latest wave of bans but as of right now, we have no reason to believe anything is amiss.

I was also 'permanently' banned yesterday whilst playing with my son for no reason whatsoever. I wouldn't know how to mod a profile, yet alone a console and I seem to have been given a new gamer tag (HillyPanic07734) and I don't know how that happened. My gamer tag is Ashleman and have used Halo and the Xbox for years. I would appreciate your support in looking into this matter and history as I have no explanation for the occurrence.
I received a Permanent ban notification when I signed into Halo 4 yesterday evening. My first reaction was, "WTF?" Signed out...signed back in... It didn't come back up this time and I started searching for a War Games match, a few seconds later the game kicked me back out to the title screen and gave me the prompt again. Is there some sort of fluke at the moment? I cant select any of my Crimson Maps either and I have the War Games Map Pass downloaded (redeemed with this gamertag too). I sent a PM to bs angel but she didnt seem to of much help.

bs angel wrote:
Hi, The Expert Noob. To my knowledge, our banhammer is functioning as expected. If you received a permanent ban, that means the system determined you were modding, whether it be in matchmaking, your armor, or your profile. If you have additional questions, try our official ban thread.

I know of nothing that was modded in my armor or profile. I did however have my armor glitch back at release and played a night where armor was unlocking left and right that was locked for other things (armor unlocking for completing accommodation I hadn't finished and such.)

As far as Matchmaking, I have days where I suck so bad I might get one kill and I have other days where all I do is mash the 'RAPE' button and go 32-4(usually SWAT). Could this latter possible trip the ban hammer?

~The Expert Noob

XBL: The Expert Noob
Really if your going to ban just ban the person from Halo 4 do not ban their profile from xbox live permanently. Just take the money and walk away. Greedy -Yoinks!-.
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