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... yes, you are indeed permabanning players for issues related to the map packs. thanks.

edit: at least "temporarily permanently" banning them. just saying, PR is all about accountability.
I just talked to my son about the crimson map pack and he said he went to buy it and it said free. He downloaded I'd and thus the ban. I sure hope 343 reinstates all of these wrongful bans!
Accidents happen, especially when relying on technology so heavily. I just hope they make it right in the end.
I was randomly permanently banned from multiplayer too, I had just finished playing a splitscreen regicide with my little sister, and then we decided to go and play Big team battle online, so we start on the map meltdown, and get major lag and right when were about to win the game we get kicked and it says that I was permanently banned. I would like to see these bans cleared soon, as it seems others have the same exact problem as I do. And 343 if have a direct phone line I could contact could you please tell me, and my Gamertag is YouAintGotGrizz
The very same thing happened to me and 3 other accounts on my system, we all played a split screen match offline in the crimson dlc map wreckage. The only thing I would look of onward to when getting done work is playing online with my friends, I even convinced 2 of them to trade in black ops II to purchase and play halo 4! There is a very very serious problem when there is no communication between customer and company. If this is considered divulging 343i content than I apologies for my stupidity when I didn't know I couldn't play off line with people who's accounts didn't have the CRIMSON DLC.

This is an unjust system, even police officers will let you off with a warning at times. But, with this... no warning no notice of if further violation, just a flat out PERMANENT BAN for 4 people?!?! I had this game reserved for almost a year, have been to the last two halo midnight releases. I just ask that I get some sort of explanation as to why this happened.

The accounts in question are:
Poundin Steel88
Burn Gurl


Please 343i fix the atrocious problem before your fan base starts to turn back to other games. I personally have went back to my PS3 to play Assassin's Creed 3 due to the fact that HALO was the one reason why I went out and bought an Xbox.
I have just been banned for playing the crimson dlc too. Is it because we downloaded it for free? This was 343 and microsofts mess up, not ours, but were the ones being punished..?
and on another note, wtf? a one hour quit ban too.? 343 are just driving people away.
VaderGnat;2051016 wrote:
I am seeing more and more to do with the CRIMSON MAP PACK. I am not even sure if this was part of the expensive MAP PACK I thought I downloaded when I got the game. The ONLY commonality I can find is another user talking about a little sister having fun running through the Map, and getting killed left and right. BUT, she was having fun. This was the case with me and my two sons. The fact is we're new, and stink WAY too bad to be cheating. I don't even know what half of the stuff listed is, only that it is related to cheating.

I have been VERY impressed by the service provided by XBoxLive with the few problems I've had, but have been a little in awe of the number of unanswered posts.

I am still waiting for this one.
"The community will help keep you honest. You have a public game history for everyone to see. If you post you were banned unjustly, the community is in their rights to check out your history to confirm or deny your claims."

I can understand ignoring obviously ignorant posts, but I do feel that for the amount of money being spent on games, map packs, toys, etc., this is an interesting way of dealing with your consumers

I was the guy with the little sister, but I only did one SWAT match with her on one of the Crimson Map Pack levels. Didn't get a perma ban. I got my xp ban before that while playing Flood. Apparently, I was "boosting" because she hardly ever got a kill and the auto ban just decided to tag me.

However, hearing all these stories about the Crimson Map Pack has me wary to even play it. I paid for it legitimately, but I sure as hell am not touching it until this issue gets addressed. From what I read, legit download or not, load the map in forge and you get perma banned...

Ya, no thanks...I paid for it with my MS points but it sounds like the banhammer is glitchin up and just hitting everyone that even touches it
ok so i was permantly banned for halo 4 online play ...i was never informed why i was banned or warned about what i was doing wrong....i never even got a tempory bann. i was playing got off ate dinner got back on an hour later...and was permanlty banned...i dont have a modded console or controller. i dont trash talk. i just want to play with my fellow halo fans. i do have a poor internet coneection. i use the defult internet be prodcasted in my town....i cant under stand how i did anything agsint the terms and agreement i made with you.

i would like to know why i was not informed what i did wrong or even warned..that alone seems wrong to me.

on a postive note i do love the game and have nothing but good comments about it.. minus this random ban that came out of nowhere..

my gamertag is XxDarkLinkDRxX
or you can reach me at via email at
I downloaded the map pack and cant keep connected to halo 4. i cant even keep connected to xbox live on the dashboard either and this never happen before.

it's not my network the nat is open and none of the other machines on the network get booted out of it. the ps3/wii stays connected the PC's everything it is xbox live.

i gave up and stopped playing.

then again I always got booted only playing halo 4 before but not this bad it got worse.

Oh and my special gun and armor for buying the special edition halo xboxes would never stay on it some times would not show up and I had to keep restarting the game but that seems to be fixed now since the last patch.

i got no ban message i cant even stay online log enough to get a ban message it just boots me off and i have to restart the game and reconnect and it does it again.
Oh and i used the amor code on my halo reach xbox since I just keep the halo 4 limted xbox on the shelf to add to my collection. so it is tied to that same with the crimson map pack code I downloaded for free because it said i could do it.

and seriously since i shelled out for an entire limted halo edition console again (AKA the ultimate version) it should come with a better looking copy of halo not some version with out manual and stickers all over it and all the limted edition content seriously it should be the ultimate package you are buying a halo xbox an entire system.

limted edition people get some map packs free the console don't and we bought an entire xbox pack. (war pack or what ever it is called.)

i can see not putting on the art book or anything since that cost money to print and shove in with the xbox stuff./ the download content does not really cost microsoft all that much the limted edition console should get the same thing as the $99 limted edition.
I hope for you guys, that my crimson dlc wich I RIGHTFULLY owe, isn't deleted or permabanned. That content was on MY harddrive, downloaded via the wargames pass granted from MY limited edition Halo4. If you cannot undo the automated ban, you maybe should show how long until the ban stops or where to check this. Goodmorning aye?
I was playing online when all Halo 4 servers went down. When they came back (15 min approx.) I began a Regicide match and was almost immediately banned permanently from Xbox Live! I didn't have a mic connected and I just bought Xbox Live and an Xbox 360 for the first time to play Halo 4... What (if anything) did I do wrong? Is the server glitch still a problem?
Blueborg;2053901 wrote:
I have just been banned for playing the crimson dlc too. Is it because we downloaded it for free? This was 343 and microsofts mess up, not ours, but were the ones being punished..?

It shouldn't be for d/l'ing it for free.
Ok so I'm playing Spartan Ops and about half way through the mission it stops my match at says. "Your account has been permanently banned from Halo 4 online play". Why this is the case I'm not sure. Because I have done nothing to deserve this ban. I can still play Custom Games on the Crimson Map Pack maps, so I'm not sure what this means, but I am hoping this gets resolved fast.
At least can I be notificated why the ban message?, it only says this acount has temporaly exclude to get EXP, or some like that (English is not my lenguage), my brother and I were playing like 4 hours (both, I was playing before), internet took a break (xD) and then bamm the message was there.

oh, another thing, can you fix the audio sinc issue in the latin spanish version, is annoying hear and after look the mouth of the characters.
Okay so I just don't understand why they make a forum for this but no Admin's reply. Maybe they did I just don't have time to look through 108 pages of this. But my friend and I got a voice ban even though we were in party chat. It doesn't make sense to me. But there is no way to contact 343i except this forum. I'm okay riding out the week ban its not that bad but has anyone actually gotten a ban and then actually had the ban lifted?? I have read so many reports they never get lifted. Thank you for any help.
For everyone that needs a clear account of the current permaban issue purportedly related to the DLC map pack, unbiased, uncomplaining, not blaming 343i, etc, please read below. Please use this to help with the issue.

UP FRONT: I understand people are "boosting" and getting achievements playing with their "little cousin that sucks" and getting EXP BANS. Note that EXP BANS are not permabans.

1.) I had the Map Pass, I know this because I played with my scanner helmet several times.

2.) When I downloaded the map pack a few days ago I was like, "Hmm... this seems funny that its 'free', must be related to me having the map pass. I bet everyone without the pass is paying for it".

3.) I ONLY played SPLIT-SCREEN on Harvest (not matchmaking, NONE whatsoever) with another XBOX live account (GT: AYREEEZ) that was idle, i.e.: not playing the game, so that I could practice and see the spawns. I DID NOT ENTER A MATCHMAKING GAME WITH ANY OTHER PLAYER TO BOOST (which would apparently have resulted only in an EXP BAN from what everyone is saying).

4.) I have no other permabannable issues that I am aware of (I'm not naive, I could have done something stupid, but I doubt it considering I have never been banned before and don't rant sexist comments or hack).

Everyone following me so far? Paying attention to the caps locked terms? Here's the issue I had, considering all of this:

I was permanently banned a few minutes after playing the split screen game in question, both accounts (BARBS v2 and AYREEEZ), after subsequently playing a game or two in matchmaking, alone. The account named AYREEEZ was not even signed in, nor does it have an active gold membership that would allow me to use it online. The fact that both were banned is what allows me to blame the split screen game

Thanks for reading, and I hope that this helps the community, the web, and 343i in understanding this.
Look guys microsoft or 343 studios may have just commuted crime agaist consumers and you need to hit them were it really hurts get in touch with the better bussness burea and spread the word this is another example how companys abuse there customers just dont let them get away with fight as hard as you can we keep them in business.
I also downloaded the Crimson DLC for free, but thought it would be deactivated with no consequence on December 18th. I have yet to check if I have been perma banned, but obviously I played the Crimson DLC playlist since I knew it would be deactivated after the mistake was made by Microsoft to let the DLC be free for all users. My account in question is: AUS Kryptonit3
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