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Please halo, why have I been banned, i didn't do anything, I've been out for the night, and now everyones getting banned, my gamertag is Badger on smack, so please unblock me!!!
Help! I have contacted microsoft and they have said I've done nothing wrong, I shouldn't be banned, pleaaaaase help me, Badger on smack is the gamertag
excuseme the BulkyAbcdefgh's profile had been banned permanently and I want to know why, because I'm sure that I haven't done anything wrong.
I have that too
Dude, I agree with you the ban syste is a piece of <enter bad word here>. They always ban the people who don't deserve it, they never ban the hackers, cheaters, modders, etc. It just goes to show that 343i/MS, don't care about the gamers at all, they just care about making a profit.
I am inquiring about details regarding my xp ban. I am assuming that falling asleep playing last night was the cause of this. Please let me know the extent of this ban or how I can make a case to have it removed. "This buds for y" is my live account.
I got banned for quitting games, seriously? I thought Halo 4's purpose was to allow players to leave games whenever they wanted. I really feel that I was wrongfully banned. Can they remove the ban please.
I got banned for quitting games, seriously? I thought Halo 4's purpose was to allow players to leave games whenever they wanted. I really feel that I was wrongfully banned. Can they remove the ban please.
23 year old active duty Army aviator (obviously not an immature sexist hacker/modder, just a grown adult that likes playing Slayer). Been playing Halo since 2001, but this event will likely mark the end of my Halo career forever if it's not addressed. Today I got a "permanent ban" randomly. Like others in this thread, it happened relatively quickly after playing an offline match in the Crimson map pack.

I have already received a refund from Microsoft for the map pass and will not be creating another account; this will be fixed or I'll be saying goodbye to 343i for good. If you are going to ban someone, be sure to let them know why so they can address it. I am infuriated that I can't continue to enjoy Halo on the account that I have used through virtually every game because of some unknown issue.

Bottom line: I have Xbox for Halo. I have a year of Xbox Live for Halo. I have achievements, records, etc, that I want to keep. I love Halo, the community, 343i, Bungie,etc, and want to keep enjoying it on MY tag; Barbs v2.

I received a message yesterday stating "this account has been banned permanently from Halo 4 online." I assumed this was some sort of error because I was playing with my 6 and 10 year old sons. We had just downloaded a Crimson Map Pack and were playing with others online. I had also just purchased several Turtle Beach headsets to allow my wife to keep her sanity, and trying to keep those for family communication only. In reviewing bans and reasons for bans - I've noticed full an partial bans. The message we received, being permanent, was self explanatory with the exception of cause.

Any review by administration, and/or the online community should certainly be able to establish that there have been NO manipulating network conditions to our advantage or to the detriment of the experience for other players. If anything, I am certain it could prove that a 42 year old, his 10 year old, and 6 year old are virtually incompetent at this game and last on the leader list for every game. There have been NO modifications to our ancient Xbox 360 hardware or game software and services in any way other than the addition of the headsets listed. As far as skill, EXP, or Credit Boosting, de-leveling, idling through games, cheating, habitual quitting or any other type of unsociable and unsportsmanlike behavior, I would be happy for administration, and/or the online community to indicate any areas of possible alleged abuse.

While I completely understand that there are not enough eyes, ears and fingers to respond to every post, I sincerely hope that the administration will take the time to look into this matter, provide an appropriate explanation, and return our onlin status. I feel more than certain that my/our limited public game history will indicate that for some folks who have spent a lot of money on midnight purchases, map packs, etc - we obviously play too poorly to be cheating.

I did a little research on my stats. Other than not so good, I have a total of 4 DNFs. I still don't have all this down, and was more interested in the time with my kids than the statistics. I still wouldn't think this is the cause for a PERMANENT BAN. The times that I believe the DNFs happened were as we fumbled through the controls to exit out as a new game was looking for players and forming. Our system is also older, and we frequently have connection/server issues. One DNF was today as we were given the boot.

If there is ANYONE in ADMINISTRATION, or in the COMMUNITY that could look at my stats, and let me know WHY a PERMANENT BAN was necessary, I would sincerely appreciate it.
the crimson map pack is DEFINITELY part of this issue with permabans. i was banned very shortly after playing a splitscreen game on Harvest. many others have the same issue. this map pack must be giving a false reading. if you have had bans associated in any way with the map pack, post the story.

i payed for this pack, but not even 10 mins after the ban i got my money back.
UPDATE: i used an old xbox live account (AYREEEZ) offline to practice the new map packs with my current live account (BARBS v2) in an offline split screen game. BOTH accounts have been confirmed to be banned from online play. the old account, AYREEEZ, doesnt even have an active gold account and we werent even playing online!
ANOTHER UPDATE: many users downloaded the crimson map pack illegally due to an online glitch. i just looked into this and my buddy informed me that he had gotten the pack that way. many users are being banned for it. i believe that the users on this forum that are confused likely enabled a download that read as an unlicensed "purchase".

this apparently was possible even if you had purchased the map pass.


edit: ok, so they "let" the glitch slip and everyone got legitimate downloads. this issue must be related to the custom game and using another account on the map. this is still an issue, however. look into the reason for my ban and respond, please.
You cant ban the people who are quitting just because you have bad servers. Im so frustated. There is always a lag. 1/5 matches have lag issues. Its impossible to play.

Are you guys even aware of these things ?
I was banned permanently from halo 4 December 14 for just playing the crimson maps in forge and i have the map pass and my gamertag is d4rksh4dow
Gamertag is d4rksha4dow60 and i was permanently banned for no reason and with no warnings
I am seeing more and more to do with the CRIMSON MAP PACK. I am not even sure if this was part of the expensive MAP PACK I thought I downloaded when I got the game. The ONLY commonality I can find is another user talking about a little sister having fun running through the Map, and getting killed left and right. BUT, she was having fun. This was the case with me and my two sons. The fact is we're new, and stink WAY too bad to be cheating. I don't even know what half of the stuff listed is, only that it is related to cheating.

I have been VERY impressed by the service provided by XBoxLive with the few problems I've had, but have been a little in awe of the number of unanswered posts.

I am still waiting for this one.
"The community will help keep you honest. You have a public game history for everyone to see. If you post you were banned unjustly, the community is in their rights to check out your history to confirm or deny your claims."

I can understand ignoring obviously ignorant posts, but I do feel that for the amount of money being spent on games, map packs, toys, etc., this is an interesting way of dealing with your consumers
VaderGnat: i feel your pain :). i edited my posts, they were a little rambunctious to begin with because i was so torqued. but, from the sound of it, the map packs are affecting both of our accounts. i believe 343i will fix this, but i hope they do so soon. good luck.

343i: after thinking about it more, im not selling all my halo stuff (yet). i still love you. we are just having some relationship issues right now.
at Vader guy and Army guy, I had the same, I downloaded the map pack, with my mums debit card, plenty of money, absolutely fine, was the day after the pay day, I played Crimson map pack quickly after sownloading it on SOLO FORGE soon after I was banned, I am very dissapointed amd want to play online with my mates, my gamertag is Badger on smack, so if you have a fix, message me on xbox live,
I just started letting my son play online when Halo 4 came out. I played with him everyday teaching him what he could and couldn't do online. He asked me for the new maps which I purchased. He was playing on my Xbox and I had him log off and play in his room. When he logged in to Halo in his room he received the message that he was banned. I tried my gamertag and I was banned too. I logged in as my wife who never plays Halo was also banned. Please let me know if this issue is going to be fixed.
I guess I can tell Santa that my son doesn't need his own copy of the game.
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