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I received a message today stating "this account has been banned permanently from Halo 4 online." I assumed this was some sort of error because I was playing with my 6 and 10 year old sons. We had just downloaded a Crimson Map Pack and were playing with others online. I had also just purchased several Turtle Beach headsets to allow my wife to keep her sanity, and trying to keep those for family communication only. In reviewing bans and reasons for bans - I've noticed full an partial bans. The message we received, being permanent, was self explanatory with the exception of cause.

Any review by administration, and/or the online community should certainly be able to establish that there have been NO manipulating network conditions to our advantage or to the detriment of the experience for other players. If anything, I am certain it could prove that a 42 year old, his 10 year old, and 6 year old are virtually incompetent at this game and last on the leader list for every game. There have been NO modifications to our ancient Xbox 360 hardware or game software and services in any way other than the addition of the headsets listed. As far as skill, EXP, or Credit Boosting, de-leveling, idling through games, cheating, habitual quitting or any other type of unsociable and unsportsmanlike behavior, I would be happy for administration, and/or the online community to indicate any areas of possible alleged abuse.

While I completely understand that there are not enough eyes, ears and fingers to respond to every post, I sincerely hope that the administration will take the time to look into this matter, provide an appropriate explanation, and return our onlin status. I feel more than certain that my/our limited public game history will indicate that for some folks who have spent a lot of money on midnight purchases, map packs, etc - we obviously play too poorly to be cheating.

Thank you
So ive been voice banned for 3 weeks still without a single notification or message or email regarding why or for how long.

Who deals with this sh11t? Get your sh11t together.
I did a little research on my stats. Other than not so good, I have a total of 4 DNFs. I still don't have all this down, and was more interested in the time with my kids than the statistics. I still wouldn't think this is the cause for a PERMANENT BAN. The times that I believe the DNFs happened were as we fumbled through the controls to exit out as a new game was looking for players and forming. Our system is also older, and we frequently have connection/server issues. One DNF was today as we were given the boot.

If there is anyone in administration, or in the community that could look at my stats, and let me know what I'm missing, I would sincerely appreciate it.
Ok I'm not going to say I shouldn't have been XP banned.. Cuz I'm to lazy to fight for it to be lifted or really don't care enough to cry about it.. though I am wondering why I lost my Crimson DLC as well as how long the XP ban will last, Could I get a message or something it only say temp. but no time.
I would also Like my DLC back for I Paid for it.. and I am not Game Banned thanks :)
you know i did nothing wrong to get banned again. so if you want to keep me u better take me off or i am not ever getting on
In the middle of a Flood match, co-op with a guest account. It was during one of those damn glitched matches too where everyone spawns as an enemy with DMRs and Magnums. We continue to play anyway because its sort of my creed. No quitting under any circumstances, even though the match is bugged as hell (which I reported in the issues being investigated thread). All of a sudden, I get a message saying "This account has been temporarily banned from earning xp"


Seriously? I did NOTHING to deserve this. I'm thinking that due to the bug related to joining Flood Gametypes, maybe it tripped the banhammer and earned me the xp ban. I'm actually kinda pissed about this because I have never been banned in my entire history of playing online games. While the majority will jump on this and say "if you were banned, you earned it somehow" or "Your not telling the whole story", it doesn't matter.

Because I know I didn't do anything to deserve the ban. Obviously, nothing will be done about it. How long does this unjust xp ban last?
i usaly call out thats it i tell my team they suck somtimes .... this is redic bro 1week is bs
i was playing a private match with one of my buddies at his place then while he was beating me with the mantis we both all of a sudden got permanent ban from halo4 matchmaking we havent done anything wrong we just played then in game we got banned...private matches dont even give xp to either players! i have no idea why both of us got banned can you please look into it and if you can please un ban us both we are both hard supporters of halo4 and we love it
please dont let a mans last bastion of enjoyment be breached by banning
am i gonna get any information on my banned besides im voice banned for week ....
I would Like to know where i can go to submit evidence of network tampering.
I think that full on cheating deserves punishment as it detracts from the overall experience of others. I have already filed a complaint but I have a saved game where only 2 people were able to do anything while the rest of us watched helplessly in the start-up menu while they did what ever they wanted unimpeded but retaliation.
I recived a temp exp ban while playing multi player with my son. I think a review will prove no boosting was going on, My fear is getting a bigger ban because the detection is flawed. Please check your logs and correct this and remove this system until fixed.
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Can you do some thing with players like this one?
I got an EXP ban for no reason. i was 1 game away from the monthly when i got it i got no EXP. i want my EXP for that 343 and i want it NOW!
Halo 4 Voice Communication One Week Ban Expired

Gamertag: Killer Cosby

I was banned somewhere around December 3rd from voice communications in the Halo 4 Matchmaking, I'm not here to dispute the reason for the ban. I did my "time." But it has been about 2 weeks, and I need this ban lifted. Please fixed this flaw in your systems to make for a better match making experience.

Thank you, please lift this overdue ban.

I have been permanently banned from Halo 4, I can't play online or anything, and I feel it's an unfair ban because I haven't done anything to justify being banned permanently. I don't deserve this ban but at least I would like to know why I was banned.
Ok so my sister her boyfriend my girlfriend and me all sat down to play a custom 4 player split screen match. We finished the match and then we all watched a movie. After the movie when we all went back on to play, all 4 accounts were banned permentally from playing halo 4 and only halo 4. How is this even possible, it wasn't an online match.

If you could please look into what happened with the gamer tags:
Poundin Steel88
Burn Gurl

we have done nothing wrong but play the game. I am a dedicated halo fan and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize my online gameplay at all.
Think one week is bad?! 4 profiles permanently ban all at the same time on the same console, after playing an offline split screen match.!!!
Wow 343! You are terrible. First you send my friend a priority alpha code instead of me, then you mess up the color of the suppressor skin, and now you ban me for an hour for quitting, because I left a game that I was put into late. Is an hour ban necessary? Bungie only banned for 10 minutes, but they actually gave a warning. If bungie made halo 4, the game would be a lot better. Get your stuff together 343 industries.

P.S. you should not have made it so that you need to buy another Xbox in order to unlock the fotus armor. I bought the game, and I want everything that is in it to be usable. A good company would give me something extra for messing up my priority alpha code and sending it late. Anything extra would make up for the mistake, whether it is a fotus armor code or any other free dlc.
Today, my ten year old sister came into my room wanting to play a game. We played Soul Calibur 4 for a little while, but she got kinda bored of that and asked for something else. I decided, hey, what about Halo? So we pop in Halo 4 and start up some Flood matches.

Obviously, she did rather poorly, but she had a really good time just running around avoiding the zombies and spending time with big brother (myself, 23). So, we keep playing for awhile. About an hour in, I'm surprised that despite how often she dies, all she wants to do is keep playing. It's her first online game with real human players and she's having a blast. All of a sudden, I get a message saying that my account has been temporarily banned from earning xp.

So to the forums I go. Apparently, as some forum users pointed out, my game history shows "boosting", and some -yoinks- saw fit to just jump to the accusations without giving me the benefit of the doubt. Apparently, because she did so poorly gaining very few, if any, kills in these matches, I was banned presumably for "boosting" with a guest account.

343, your banhammer xp banned me for playing your game with a ten year old sibling. I'd be lying if I said that didn't stress me out JUST A LITTLE BIT. So until this issue is resolved, I'll have to play Halo: Reach with my sister when she wants to play Halo with me because obviously, your banhammer mistakes poor skill with boosting. Please fix this
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