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For some reason my matches aren't giving me my double xp bonus anymore, and I know I haven't gone through 200 matches there anyway to fix this?
I am having the same problem, not sure why either. It was working fine for me the other day, then I activated 10 more games of double XP on my account yetserday and haven't gotten any bonus for any of the games I've played.
I can't even apply mine to my account due to some unexpected error ><
Not working for me either, it was working fine till the servers crashed.
It says I still have 59 matches on the website, but I'm not getting any double XP at all anymore, if I apply new codes it just gives me the amount I redeemed instead of all my codes back.
hope they fix this, all these codes are going down the drain.
I've had the same problem after hitting an experience cap. The next day AFTER grabbing 40 more codes, Double XP hasn't been kicking in.
I Had 120 DBL XP matches I played then reached my daily limit of course I continued to play accruing no EXP which is fine the next day I realized I wasn't receiving anymore EXP? why? I hope the games I played weren't accounted for as far as matches allowed!!!! If so wha do I do?
Somewhere along the line I think 343 or DewXP screwed up and messed with some people's double xp ;(
Mysstique;1701743 wrote:
I can't even apply mine to my account due to some unexpected error ><

That is what it is doing to me. I try to log in to my xbox live account to apply them and it says account error. I refresh the page, and then dewxp says error.
Guess there is actually alot of people with this problem
I have this problem too. What phone number did you call to contact for support?

I'm gonna try the one at the bottom of the

"For questions related to this promotion please call the following toll-free number: 1.888.889.5329"
I added 20 matches today, went to play, and only got 3 of them.... Seriously. Earlier in the week I had 38 matches but only was able to use about half of them then gone forever.
Ii just stopped getting XP altogether a little bit ago, apparently there's a cap that hasn't been clearly explained?

I will also rage if I bought and handed out all that pop just to find out that tomorrow my double xp will go down the drain.
The first time I tried it said I have 200 matches and cant add anymore. I have never entered a mtn dew or doritos code before, and I'm not getting any double xp
I used 20. Not working. I hit a xp cap today too. I thought xp cap would be like 200k or something. Not happy about both.
Does anybody have a solution for this yet??
I had 200 games right after the midnight launch and everything was running fine. After each game it said 199 dub xp left, 198 left, etc. After the crash it didnt say I was getting Double XP at all. And I cant apply any new codes to my account since 200 is the maximum on one account. I hope I didnt buy all these Doritos and Mountain Dew for no reason.
Why is it so hard for 343 to respond to this issue?
Still not working for me either.

You'd think after launching a massive marketing campaign like this Mountain Dew would have at the very least made sure the site worked fine during the first week of the game.
Alright, I called Mountain Dew's support number for this promotion @ 1.888.889.5329 and talked to "Nick". (After the automated messages ends press "0" to speak with a rep).

He was super helpful and knowledgeable about the promotion and XBOX 360 stuff (gamer tags, what double XP is and how it's applied etc.)

He took down my issue to send to his superiors and told me to contact them again in 7-10 days if the issue is still a problem.

I recommend everyone in this thread call that number pronto so they actually realize this is an issue and not just user error - that will speed up the process of them fixing it.

Nick also told me that the COMBO BONUS (where you enter a Mountain Dew and Doritos code at the same time) can only be used once a week to earn 2 extra matches. Good information to know.
Those of you who are experiencing the issue - Have you went into the DEWXP dashboard and actually applied the XP bonus to your account? It's a common mistake.
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