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I'm looking forward to swat, it's one of my favorite game-types.
3rd :P
Nice, weekly updates. Our avatars are unchanged though Hm.
There is so much to play in halo 4 but so little time!
I haven't hit the cap yet, then again I like forge and campaign. I'm st SR-32 only though.
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=o Team Swat next week?!? Yay! :D
Hehehe! 6th! (Wish I was the 7th though... Then I would get a prize ^-^)

I so can't wait for Extraction and Griffball <3 but I do so miss assault territories.
This game is -Yoinking!- amazing. Thank you.
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Really happy to see that we're going to get weekly matchmaking updates. You guys are awesome.
I hope that snipers and team doubles will get their own playlists soon! Game is amazing!
There are quite a few playlists that I am looking forward to. Team Doubles, Multi Team, MLG, and SWAT. Luckily, one of those will be coming sooner than expected. I am anxious to see how it plays out in Halo 4 and hope to see good results (as I am sure I will if it is on par with the rest of the game.)

After a few days with Halo 4, I can honestly say I haven't had this much fun since Halo 2. This is certainly the redemption the series needed and I am very proud of what 343i has accomplished. You've produced a great game, you guys. Please, take our gratitude in the form of millions of hours played.
Quick question that hasn't been answered either by the online guide, the FAQ, or as far as I can the strategy guide; What exactly does Clench Protection do?
More people played Halo 4 in the first 24 hours than any other Halo launch day in history

YAY! New record !

Halo 4's Campaign is amazing. same for spartan ops and the LE soundtrack.

Thank you.
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Update 8. Halo 3 Disc, 2
Halo Sheet Music Collection Thread
forget about the digital crap manual, give us a hard copy.
SWAT will kill me!!
we need a -Yoinking!- ffa playlist that isn't -Yoinking!- regicide. I am absolutely sick of that -Yoinking!- Yoink!
Woot, now that this is announced everyone -Yoinking!- and Moaning on the forums about lack of playlists and how 343 doesn't care can shut upand enjoy this game. Good job 343 you did more than fill Bungies shoes with Halo 4.
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Swat is a fantastic gametype. First I actually played in Halo 2 when I left Kai and came to XBL.
Absolutely brilliant.

Now all you have to do is adjust the weights on the plasma grenades - increase the magnetism zone on them, and slightly increase the blast (AoE) damage, coupled with the rate at which they leave your hand after pressing the button (Off by a good .5 seconds), and you will actually have the closest to perfection Halo game I have played (Well, All of them lol)

VerrucktSchakal;1696352 wrote:
forget about the digital crap manual, give us a hard copy.

The digital manual is cool and all, but I was also disappointed by the lack of a physical copy.
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