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So, everyhting was going great with my "Halo 4" experience until about 10min ago" i randomly cannot play spartan ops nor will anything load for my sparten no career stats/commendations nothing, when i get on halo waypoint all it says is loading error when bringing up my player card. Is there any insight on this and how to fix it.
This is what public beta testing is for, to fix heavy server load problems....
Same thing here, worked fine for the first hour, now nothing works, cannot join games, my profile pictuere does not update, it stays at SR1 and plain grey avatar even though I am at SR5 with a customed avatar
Yeah, I have this to. It's probably just server issues that they are trying to get squared away.
I've been having this problem for well over an hour now.
It's really aggravating me. I can't play games properly. It's not letting me use my custom classes, not showing my Spartan the way I have customized him. Not giving me proper XP rewards for winning (or simply just playing) on matchmaking games. It kicked me out of my "Roster" party that I was playing with and now will no longer let me join into my friends games or let my friends join into my games. However, my friends are not experiencing any of these difficulties (at least not yet, hopefully I didn't jinx them!). I played through the campaign co-op with 3 of my friends. It was great except fairly laggy for me, since, I was host. Hopefully that can be resolved soon.
I really want to play online now, Spartan Ops and matchmaking, but it's not allowing me because it is saying, "The Halo 4 servers are not available. Please try again later. Matchmaking has switched to using the default playlist." and then just changing to a screen that says "The Halo 4 server is not available at this time. Please try again later."
It's really bothering me. And I highly doubt, although it would be extremely nice, if the players who are being highly affected by this, to the point of not being able to actually play the game, could get some free things. At the very least, the XP that has been taken away from us during this time.
Hopefully you're already looking into the problem, 343, but if you're not, hopefully you're hearing your fan base in agony. Please help soon.
FGC Zeus
Just called MS support, they recommended redownloading my profile, trying it now..
Why call ms support ? Servers are down cause of much ppl you cant do anything against it it a normal progress that such things happen at relase day....
Superb start - played one game in total on launch day...
ok guys, same results, after full reinstall and profile download
Seriously? This has never happened, not REACH, not GEARS of WAR, no single game I ever bought on launch day did this to me...
Apparently ms profiles can't be downloaded at the minute.

Superb advice from ms support as per usual.
have the same problem. Im sitiing next to my friend and he has no server problems.
I managed to download my profile. But results remain the same.
This isn't happening to everyone so what's the issue?

9 people on my friends list playing halo 4, all live within a 20mile radius. Only I cannot access the Halo 4 servers (I have open NAT, other who are able to play have strict)

This really isn't a way to cover yourself in glory after the superb reviews 343i.
Great! Outside of normal working hours in South Africa, 18:00 - Please call us during business hours, goodbye. ( Callcentre is in Ireland eish... )
They spend loads of Money making a good game and they fail at the simplest things we'll done ppl
I wonder if they'll even acknowledge the issue?

Probably not, looks like I'll start multiplayer way behind everyone else and end up getting owned until I can get enough xp to rank up
Yeah they won't f****** waste of time this
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