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Sad face. When I click on the terminal code and open the pic, it is all jacked up...

Why do you keep teasing us?!
UnveiledArk;1552876 wrote:
its here....

bs angel attached the following image(s):
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The Mantis is pretty cool, i used it back on Sunday and had a good time with it.
By "Angel loses its wings," you're talking about the Monitors that have done everything for us, right?
Amazing bulletin, again, i now can rest in peace.
More invisible writing, and a weird looking picture that comes from clicking the forerunner script. Interesting.





UNGGOY// Sensors at Balaho indicate stability, no off-planet transport recorded since Solipsis. Runners are claiming that Buwan has been abandoned as well, but we’re keeping our eyes on it anyway. Moderate Unggoy populations have been observed in Sangheilian systems at various intervals.

KIG-YAR// Eayn’s native population continues to grow and expand within reasonable governing parameters; its economic and social lines have stabilized in the wake of the war. Muloqt, Kaelarot, and Valyanop, the primary interplanetary colonial sites, all remain static, with little notable movement. There are rumors of mercenaries operating alongside a handful of more conservative Sangheili states, although that has yet to be substantiated.

SANGHEILI// Most intel here originates from ground contacts, but sensors have assisted with validation. The primary issue with the Sangheili is that of discordant cultural symmetry. It is difficult to assess military growth across several dozen active colonial vectors all with disparate political structures. Nevertheless, any and all visible military activity appears to be internecine in nature.

NOTE: A cluster of Sangheili frontier worlds saw a sudden and anomalous convergence of unregistered ships, largely cruisers of varying classes according to a handful of remote relays stationed nearby. By the time sensors were deployed, the ships were gone. The relays can’t assess numbers or strength, but the readings we have indicate that this wasn’t an expeditionary voyage or something tied to a single state. It appears to have been much larger.

Lycan XIII;1552894 wrote:
By "Angel loses its wings," you're talking about the Monitors that have done everything for us, right?

Yes. This!
Half doodle, half snicker.
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Woot pumpkin carving time ^__^!!

Pumpkin killing spree.
SID...pew pew
Good stuff, nice to get the specifics on the mantis and some additional perspective on meltdown.

also pumpkins.
Little disappointed with this weeks Bulletin but oh well! Excited for tomorrows Live Action Trailer then shortly after the release of Halo4FUD episode 3!
Then painting my bedroom on the weekend!
Then the 2 week mark on Tuesday!
Then the Weekly Bulletin!
Then H4FUD Episode 4!
Then weekend!
Then 1 week mark!
Then Bulletin!
Then Halo4FUD Episode 5!
Then weekend!
Then.... HALO4 :D

...sorry about that.
So, I'm curious. Was the garbage taken out?
This one time, I threw my lunch instead of a grenade! True story!
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I like the way the mantis looks. Very sexy. I think I might use the one of those carving prints.
Anyone else a bit disappointed that there isn't a single new skull of any kind given it's a completely new campaign and an entire new class of enemies that could potentially have had a nice skull effect for? Ah well, I hope there's more hidden things than terminals though ;x
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Awesome Bulletin...:D Better late then never...
So whats up with the weird poltergeist picture.
i knew the skulls wouldn't be hidden but I'm still disappointed when its officially said.
Good thing I live on the West coast. It's 10 o'clock here. It was a good read, but a short one... oddly.
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