I saw this post in the thread I made about SE getting the spec. early as well an I find it pretty interesting:


I just now pre-ordered the SE from Amazon (using up most of credit to get it for free), while still keeping my pre-order to Walmart. I still haven't decided what edition I want, but I'm steadily leaning to the standa(wesome)rd edition.

Well the LE buyers get early access to 6 Specializations. Standard folks get it too, but they have to wait until the 30th to get their codes.

Like I, and others, have said before to you, it does not matter if the LE gets their codes first if you can't use the specializations until 1-2 months after release. Sorry for sounding mean, but stop focusing on the technicality of what the LE states said. 343i has stated that their plan was to slowly release the specializations once the community reached certain milestones. Microsoft has now stated that anyone who plays MP in the first 2 weeks gets all the specializations. Obviously there is a disparity between the two plans.

This was posted by radman elite.

It has me thinking, early on 343i seemed like they were planning on keepin LE content limited and now microsofts seems to be the one messing it up for them.

Well, about that pre-order bonuses all over the place, I don't understand why there are so many. Another one is that they'll all be released later...
I don't like what Microsoft is doing with the LE. Now, it's more like a "Not so Limited Edition". Not planning on getting it either.
I'm a bit annoyed that they would devalue it with these changes, and I'm pretty sure this is not technically legal, I pre-ordered it with a certain quality of content established at the moment of ordering, changing the contents availability when it was previously states to be exclusive is surely false advertising.
Anybody who gets the game after those two weeks will have to wait for the specializations. That's something at least.
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Anybody who gets the game after those two weeks will have to wait for the specializations. That's something at least.

That will be a very small percentage. Might as well make them available at launch with the LE owners.
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Anybody who gets the game after those two weeks will have to wait for the specializations. That's something at least.

That's gonna be such a small percentage of players it's not funny, most of them probbly will never make it to 50
*reads original post*


I'm just going to leave you all with this: do not bite the hand that controls your life...
I made a thread about this here:

In response to OP, I agree with him. Micro$0ft is indeed messing Yoink! up for everything.
All I have to say is that it takes two to tango. Bungie and Microsoft made 5 halo games and we never saw anything like this happen.

343i you have done a poor job with the information you have given your friends about the LE.

-Recruit armor
*Yes 343i said that we get the skin not the armor since day one
*IGN and other news sources mistook the information and told us that we get actual armor
*343i did not even bother to correct any of these sources right away
*The fans grew angry when we found out it was only a skin

-Wargames pass
*First we were told that we get 3 free map packs with LE
*They latter announced that LE comes with a wargame pass
*They also added a second (stand alone) wargame pass that comes with more content then the "LE" wargames pass
*This again made the fans who are getting the LE angry

-Forward Unto Dawn
*First we were told we get a 90 extended cut of FUD with LE
*We were latter told it will not be a DVD but a download code
*The download code turned into an unlock code to watch FUD on WAYPOINT
*The fans were a little annoyed by this

*We were promised early access to 6 specilizations with LE
*Now this monday we get an email saying that anyone who plays before Nov. 20 gets access to those specilizations.
*343i and/or Microsoft has yet to give an explanation for this.
*Fans are filled with anger and disappointment at this point.

We as the fans have paid a $100 dollars for the LE of Halo 4. Because of that the LE has been sold out almost everywhere since Aug. And this is how you thank us 343i/MS? To heck with you. When you start talking about Halo 5, we will not forget the last 2 months before Halo 4 came out. A large portion of the fans have lots respect for you before your first game is out. Bravo.
I think that Microsoft has provided critically-important services to 343i, including funding, publishing, and security, but they have critically mismanaged the preorder bonuses, and 343i is unfairly taking the blame for it.
I think they would have been better off to do people who play Day 1 or like the first 3 days, instead of 2 weeks.

Oh well :\
I don't particularly care about specializations and who gets them when, however I am getting increasingly disappointed with the LE. Especially the fact that FUD is a digital download (er, digital stream more like) rather than them shipping it out as a physical copy. Now this.. They should be glad I like shiny things, otherwise I'd probably cancel it.