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I saw lots of the Recruit helmet there! It's beautiful! :D
It all just disappears, doesn't it? Everything you are, gone in a moment, like breath on a mirror. Any moment now...
If you are not gana be at NYCC who should i bring the donut to?
Thats it! Thanks
Now I can sleep. Thank you. <3
That ship information!

That is the stuff I like Jessica, that is awesome! Thanks!!! Oh my!! And that's how to make me quite happy. Wow! I like that information!

Nice to see the progress. It seems like the progressing in halo 4 will be fun.
@loopy, you didn't know that? I knew, I just thought they would be unlocked at specific levels and we wouldn't be able to choose. This makes me feel better.

The challenges are good! Although the part that I don't like, it's still good marketing, is the junk food part as I don't consume those kinds of junk foods. Is it in the US only anyways? I forgot.

Too bad I won't be able to go to New York comic con, I wanted to go and my mom was positive at the idea but in the end I couldn't. It would have Been nice to meet you Jessica and Goobot as well. Goobot will be going Sunday so if you catch him, it'd be nice! And if he has connection, then it'd be nice to say hello through iPhones!

I'm going to try to get that Physical copy of Forward Unto Dawn. If I finish the halcyon light cruiser replica I'm making in time, I should be making a replica forward unto dawn, hopefully I'll have enough visual material.

Again, that ship information. Oh that's so nice!!!!!!!!
Official Waypoint Squeaker!
Principles and ethics

You don't start off with everything unlocked...?

You have to earn SP to get weapons...?

Well, my positive thoughts on loadouts are out the roof.

The rest of it was a nice read, though.
It looks like this time around I have to start multiplayer first,then the campaign.
chongczh;1522631 wrote:
It looks like this time around I have to start multiplayer first,then the campaign.

Not I. My multiplayer progress can wait. In the beginning, it's just me and campaign.
That means if we loose we just get less XP, unless we win, and we don't get de-ranked like halo 3?
chongczh;1522631 wrote:
It looks like this time around I have to start multiplayer first,then the campaign.

I agree , just think about the new players that will get the game like a month or two after it's release ! They are going to get destroyed by players that already have most of the good stuff .
UnveiledArk;1522581 wrote:
first and reading!

I'm always curious what people think they win by saying "First". Care to enlighten me why you do it?

B.S. Angel wrote:
(Hey, don’t look at me like that. I could just talk about eels or how Josh Holmes was recently interviewed by a robot named Darren who had spaghetti spatulas for hands. I’ll spare you both stories, though, ‘cause I’m nice like that. You’re welcome.)

Still looking at you like that.

B.S. Angel wrote:
quitters do not get game completion XP. They can progress commendations and challenges, but they will not get partial XP at the end of the game.

Clarification then: if your in the match at the end, no matter your statistics, you'll still get a game completion experience? I.E. If you happen to join a match late in the game and don't get even a single kill or assist?

B.S. Angel wrote:
New SPARTAN-IV recruits are issued the following gear:

• Assault Rifle
• Magnum
• Frag Grenade
• Recruit Armor, Emblem, Visor and Stance

Thank you for this. I'm been wondering if we would be able to get covenant weapons, plasma pistol, etc. at start. I'm happy to see we won't.

B.S. Angel wrote:
Stances are a new customization option that let you select a pose for your Spartan on your Player Card

Please.. just please tell me their are some funny poses just for giggles...

B.S. Angel wrote:
You earn XP by:

• Playing War Games (earn more for winning and high personal score)
• Playing Spartan Ops (earn more for higher difficulties)
• Completing each level of a Commendation
• Completing Challenges
• Using Forge

So custom games this time around won't? I assume we will, but it isn't part of this list, so I have to think we won't.

B.S. Angel wrote:
The full suite of gameplay items is available for purchase by SR-26 but you won’t have enough SP to buy everything until SR-50.

This is great to hear. Thanks.

B.S. Angel wrote:
As you rank up, you will gain access to the Armor Ability slot (SR-3), the Tactical Package slot (SR-7), and the Support Upgrade slot (SR-12).

Concern: We won't be able to use AA's till SR-3? Ok. I'll compromise, how much experience will it take to get to SR-3 instead of asking why it isn't immediately available to people. I do agree with the tactical and support upgrade slot levels. It's much more appropriate to utilize what you start out with then have them automatically.

B.S. Angel wrote:
Visual customization items such as Armor, Armor Skins, Weapon Skins, Visors, Emblems and Stances are unlocked through several means:

• Earning a specific SR rank
• Earning a specific rank in a Specialization
• Mastering a Commendation
• Completing a Waypoint goal

This concept of having Waypoint goals. Will they be available for viewing on the console, or will we need to log in to see those?

B.S. Angel wrote:
Once you commit to a Specialization, you have to complete it before switching to a new one. It will take roughly as long to complete a Specialization as it does to go from SR-40 to SR-50.

I am excited about this. More time in specializations means becoming a Jack of All Trades over time, like it should be, and will also enforce the notion of finishing what you start.

B.S. Angel wrote:
The rest, which are listed below, will gradually be made available in the months following launch. We will be keeping a close watch on player participation post-launch and will roll out the additional six Specializations when the player base reaches certain milestones.

Taking a leaf out of Reach's notebook huh? Can't say I don't like the idea...

B.S. Angel wrote:
Purchasers of the Limited Edition and pre-orders in certain territories have launch day access to the remaining six Specializations – although you still need to complete the initial 50 Ranks before you can enlist in one.

• Pioneer: PR-1 to PR-10
• Pathfinder: PT-1 to PT-10
• Engineer: EN-1 to EN-10
• Stalker: SK-1 to SK-10
• Rogue: RG-1 to RG-10
• Tracker: TK-1 to TK-10

All I can to this is: Called it -Yoinks!-, where's your God now?

B.S. Angel wrote:
This keeps going up by one each time you earn a Specialization rank, all the way up to SR-130. There might be a reward or two waiting for those who hit SR-130!

Personally, I'm not going to stretch for that SR-130. I'd rather enjoy the journey just from SR-1 to SR-50. Anything after that is just icing on the cake.

B.S. Angel wrote:
Halo 4 features over 120 commendations covering a wide variety of activities (per weapon, per enemy type and per game type, for example). There are commendations based around earning specific medals, and we also have aggregators that require you to master multiple commendations to complete them. Commendations also have a variable number of levels.

Can't say I agree with the medals as people like playing to specific notches, gameplay styles, etc. and not going outside that. Simple truth is tough luck then, but the point of me saying this is because it will lead to additional complaints that will come onto these forums primarily because people don't want to feel penalized for not going for something. That they just don't see how they can get it, don't think they can, or whatever their reason will be and if 343 doesn't approach that delicately, you could deter people away from the franchise permanently (worse case scenario). Personally, thanks for the challenge, I'll enjoy it.

B.S. Angel wrote:
Challenges are divided into four categories:

• Campaign

- 2 Weekly Challenges

• War Games

- 2 Daily Challenges
- 2 Weekly Challenges
- 1 Monthly Challenge

• Spartan Ops

- 6 Challenges

• Waypoint

- Exclusive daily challenges for War Games

I love this...

As for your Doritos's and Mountain Dew double XP... sorry, I'm a doctor pepper and Lay's fan. No worries though, the journey has always been more important to me, so I wouldn't sign up for that anyways.
:( no list on how much each of the loadout options cost or how how the base version of armor are unlock( I want to know when i can unlock the armor I need to use all of the pre-order skins I am getting , especially venator/raptor and deadeye) Although I wouldn't have minded if it was only for the first few ranks or so.
Getting a headstart in the new progression system is almost tempting enough to start the Multiplayer before the Campaign. Almost.
Loopy Altitude;1522600 wrote:

You don't start off with everything unlocked...?

You have to earn SP to get weapons...?

Well, my positive thoughts on loadouts are out the roof.

The rest of it was a nice read, though.

Yeah, I hate to be negative (everyone knows we've had enough of that), but it sounds like the longer you've been playing, the more advantage you have over those who haven't. So much for balance.

EDIT: Double XP promotion with Mountain Dew + Doritios = more unbalancing, especially for those of us that don't eat junk food.

Still no specifics on the skill rating system either. Disappointing.
So no skill ranking system.

Massively disappointing...
I found you hidden text by the way.





Decades from now, when historians evaluate the war, what will they say about us? Will they claim that our victory was ultimately fruitless? That it failed to secure a lasting peace, or worse, that it was only a prelude to far greater horrors that now lay ahead?

My hope – OUR HOPE – is that history would instead view this war as a catalyst. That the last thirty years were a crucible, a threshing floor for our species, sifting out our fears and frailties. And that ultimately it made us stronger and more vigilant in the end, fully prepared for whatever will come next. After all, what good is struggle if there is no change? What good is a fire if the sword is not made stronger?

Attached are four reports accounting the major contingency structures our species currently faces in the wake of the war. Please evaluate them closely. Their outcomes will dictate how history views us, or if history even views us at all.

Xenomorphic element [2/5]
Martial element [3/5]
Provenancial element [4/5]
Primogeniture element [5/5]

As Machiavelli once said: “the Romans, foreseeing troubles, dealt with them at once, and, even to avoid a war, would not let them come to a head, for they knew that war is not to be avoided, but is only put off to the advantage of others.”

Likewise, we must deal with these issues head-on, without fear and without hesitation. We can afford no other stance.

You beat me to it, goobot! I wonder what or who it is that's talking. Very mysterious..


These are ONI operatives, we've had them mentioned before in TFoR and GoO.
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