Is anyone else having trouble finding a gone online on the Halo PC servers? Me and my buddy both cant find ANY. My guess it the master server is down again.
The master servers are down again. If you haven't been a while with this game you'll just have to learn to get used to it. It may be down for the rest of the day or even possibly 4. Just go play some other games while you wait. :P
Ya I play it all the time. Ive never experianced them down yet.
this really sucks, and shortens the life cycle of the game...
Halo 2 servers are still up...well most of them i sometimes make a party so yeah.....and how do i make a map or download one?
Yay! Servers are back up online. If anyone ever wants to play something different then Coag ever let me know. Im always hosting everything and we play what people want off of popular demand.