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The Halo Bulletin: 7.10.13

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Is the ejection automatic when using Survivor? Does it affect getting boarded?

Also please put Pitfall in the Legendary playlist.
Oh link! You're first again!

I skipped over the championship part since I'm not eligible.

I'm excited for the champion bundle. I like those steamy (get it?) weapons. And the prefect armour. I hope to see the new skins soon as well however prefect will take it. Anyone who knows what I like in halo well, should know I like forerunner stuff a lot. Armed with new steamy light rifle and boltshot, I should be ready to wear the forerunner Prefect amour.

Things brings us to the next point, San Diego comic con. Yay! This is probably my favourite panel of the year as it talks about fiction. I'm excited for it although sadly there won't be a live stream apparently. If you guys could PLEASE record it and put it online as fast as possible that would be GREAT! I wish I was there but I live pretty far away. Since I won't be there, I'd have two questions that maybe could be answered. Could you give more details into what the prefect armour brings to MJOLNIR thanks to it forerunner origin canon-wise? And, do the shield worlds contain forerunner ships. Anyways, I hope that David Ellis records another sparkast and interviews Karen Traviss.

This event is a few days after my birthday (July 16). Spartan ops was scheduled to release around it. Has it been pushed back or is it still around next week? I should be getting a surface RT soon.
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Champions bundle sounds awesome! Looking forward to Pit Fall since it's a remake of one of my favorite maps in Halo 3! I was kind of hoping that the FOTUS armor and the other LR skin would be included...oh well.
Great bulletin !
Can you guys add a Magnum as a Secondary weapon for Legendary Slayer ? It would be good to have a backup weapon to rely on .

Another question: Is there any more Bonus weapon skins that are coming with the Champions Bundle ?

Last question(for now): Now that we will get a ''Classic Slayer'' playlist, can we get a fully equipped ''Team Classic''(Team Legendary ?) with a few objectives into the mix ?
That would make more sence to eject automatically. I mean, we can just hop out when it's in flames outselves.

I was hoping LS would have disabled sprint like Lightning CTF.
AR starts for Legendary Slayer was a... shock?

I hope you introduce Slayer BRs, Slayer DMRs, Slayer LRs and Slayer ARs sometime in the future.

Regardless, any word on Spartan Assault's launch date?
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Mark V armor looks awesome.
So excited for this! I'm definitely getting the Champions Bundle even though I won't be able to play Halo for 2 months cause I'm in Vacay.. :D
I love that Legendary Slayer is AR starts. LOVE! It's a really good way to get people to go around and scavenge rather than sit back with a starting godly weapon.
Will Legendary slayer have sprint disabled otherwise I don't really see the point of this as it's basically slayer pro with radar and people have been asking for a classic playlist for ages now.

Also could we have BR/AR starts instead of just AR and is the shield recharge going to be tweaked default is way too slow.
BIG ERN 108 and EXQUISITILY have the exact same pictures in the Bulletin. I'm pretty sure that it's a mistake.
With the armor mods coming out, does this mean that you are increasing the rank from sr130 to sr160?
Will 343 be having another contest to get community made map's for Legendary Slayer ?
I didn't notice legendary slayer! One day before my birthday! I hope sprint is disabled as well. That would make it feel more classic like. The magnum secondary would probably be good. If a single or both of these elements are not there, there might be a lot of asking for them on the war games forum legendary slayer thread.
But assault rifle starts seem good.
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Some great, great stuff coming in the next couple months. Finally we are getting a classic style playlist! I'm so excited for Legendary Slayer as well as the Champions bundle. That'll be a day one buy for me. Can wait to throw on my Mark 5 helmet and have a nostalgia party on Pitfall like old times.

Legendary Slayer is EXACTLY how I always wanted it to be. :D Can't wait to test it out!

I also can't wait for EVERYTHING in the Championship bundle (ODST!!! :D), and it's absolutely wonderful news that all the new armor mods are free of charge.

Plus, super nostalgic Mark V chest with the ammo pouches. <3

Oh, and the stances. So cool. Love the Loyalty one!
Good to see Crimson DLC back again. Haven't played that for ages. Hopefully the DLC playlist can see a population boost once players get use to its rotation.
Legendary slayer looks awesome and I did not expect the settings for that mode.The bulletin is also pretty good.
I don't see what's so special about Legendary Slayer. The way 343i was hyping it up, I thought that they were going to have it as the only playlist to disable sprint or something. With what was said, it seems like it's just a normal playlist. Are the weapons on map supposed to be the big deal about Legendary slayer? I just... I just don't see what's so special about that. Kind of disappointed to be honest.
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