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Halo 4 Friday Caption Fun 12

Fridays are about two things, fun and captions. That's why our newest festivity – aptly titled Friday Caption Fun – prominently features both. Here's what will happen from here on out: I'll post a screenshot on Friday, and, if all goes according to plan, you'll provide as many captions for it as your multi-fingered appendages can type out. The following week we'll highlight the most entertaining responses, and we'll also supply you with a brand new image to start the process all over again. If that sounds good to you, take a gander at the image below, and then hit the appropriate forum thread to post your caption. Off you go!

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Leave your captions in this thread!
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i dare you to call me cute again!
Turns out the UNSC's experimental shrink ray didn't shrink weapons or grenades, leading to hilarious but deadly issues.
Supersize me!
The latest weapons in the anti-Godzilla program.
Compensating for something?
Think that these are big? You should see the other guy.
Contrary to speculation, the UNSC's "giant weapons" program didn't improve effectiveness in the field.
...I thought I'd try shooting my way out, mix things up a little bit.
Wake me, when you need me
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"'Take the giant weapons,' they said. 'It'll be fun!' they said."


"Pulling out the big guns and I MEAN IT!"
I told them to supersize me. They did the opposite.
They laughed at my small body. I laughed at their graves.
"Seems legit..."
UNSC wasn't kidding when they said they were sending in the big guns
"So who ordered the big guns?"
Video games don't cause violence, lag does.
You know there's such thing as too much of a good thing, right?
Wait! Don't step down! Why? It's the last of an endangered species... The Mini Spartan, Minicus Sparticus!!


So this is the product of cross species research... Ants and Spartans.


Don't let my size fool you... I'm packin' some heat.
"Honey, I shrunk the Spartans."
Alright, 5 more times and then I think I have enough of this stuff to conquer the campaign. CURSE YOU COVENANT AND PROMETHEANS!!!
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