Halo 4 Weekly Challenges: 5.20.13


Prediction: Pain - 2500 XP
Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Famine, Luck and Thunderstorm skulls.

Infinity and Beyond - 6117 XP
Complete Infinity on Legendary difficulty with the Mythic, Tilt, Tough Luck and Thunderstorm skulls.

Spartan Ops

I am the 99 Percent - 15000 XP
Kill 100 Elites.

Destroyer of Grunts - 12500 XP
Kill 200 Grunts.

War Games

Spartan Takedown - 5000 XP
Kill 175 Players.

That's Just Perfect - 10000 XP
Complete a War Games match with at least 15 kills without dying.

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