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The Halo Bulletin: 5.15.13

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Interesting map choices, We'll have to see how they play out.

Glad to see Complex removed from IS and moved to BTIS, I've always felt it would play better that way.

Going to make sure to catch the stream on Friday to see the weapon changes. Also congrats to those who's image was picked this week!
For once I'm actually awake when this is published :D
But it's like 5am and I need to be up in 4 hours, so I shall read the rest on the train. I'll be rocking out to Mark Knopfler during the live stream but really looking forward to see what's coming :)
Skimmed over it. Some of the map choices for the Forge Island are disappointing to say the least :/

Regardless, question!

Now that we finally have non-Infinity gametypes in Infinity Slayer & Big Team Infinity Slayer, can they finally be renamed to Team Slayer & Big Team Battle?

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When are we gonna get a Doubles update of some sort? I heard there was this really cool Landfall variant out there.
Out to lunch.
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SitriStahl;2521885 wrote:
When are we gonna get a Doubles update of some sort? I heard there was this really cool Landfall variant out there.

While I don't have an exact date for Team Doubles, I think I know which Landfall variant you're talking about. Yes, it is indeed awesome.
Boring bulletin. Didn't really talk about anything new.
Oh well, I'm excited for the live stream and forge island playlist :)

P.S. Pleaseeee add some objective gametypes to Big Team...(and I do not mean increase the number of players for Team Objective!!)
Any idea when we will get information on a classic playlist coming out? Probably the one playlist that ive been waiting for the most since launch.
And the people cry out... Where is BTB Objective?
I personally think vehicles need more health rather than do more damage.
I really love the new rebalancing so far. But my main concern is the power weapons. I'm not worried about the rockets, Railgun, or splazer. But, what about weapons such as the SAW, scattershot, needler, etc.?
Ender was made for flag. Why no flag on ender?

Also, will the slayer pro variants in the infinity playlists have radar? (Actually a compete rundown of the settings would be great!)

Idea: for the bulletin, why not feature a single forge map per week? That would be a cool way of showcasing community content without having to do all the testing for matchmaking. That way instead of a handful of forge maps every couple months getting attention, a lot more could get some recognition even if they didn't make the cut for the forge playlist.
Do mine eyes deceive me? BIG TEAM SLAYER PRO?! As in NO PERSONAL LOADOUTS? You mean I can drive without fear of the Plasma Combo?! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!

Also, Congratulations to the forgers who are getting maps into the Community Playtest list.
Thank you for FINALLY adding Slayer Pro to "Infinity" Slayer and BTIS! Why are the vehicles getting stronger? Its the loadouts that ruin vehicle combat not the vehicles being "weak". Complex being gone from 4v4 is great, I know in forge its not possible to add a warthog on complex but I think it can work especially with all the paths.
1. Congrats on the community award.

2. The live stream and weapons tuning will have me, well er...tuning in to be precise.

3. Well played to 343i and the community cartographers/forgers who make the community test playlists a reality.

4. Why no CTF added to BTB yet? This one seems like it would be very easily implemented. So are we seeing a case of not adding CTF to BTB Infinity slayer due to it being one of the most popular playlists (as pure slayer only)?

5. Still no word on 1-sided CTF?

6. Assault gone the way of the dodo?

7. Screenshots being highlighted are still getting me to browse and save a few too!
NICE! Super pumped for Complex in Big Team =D
goobot;2521911 wrote:
I personally think vehicles need more health rather than do more damage.

I agree.

While this weapon update might satisfy necessary needs. I have a feeling that it won't be over yet, so there will probably be a second overall tuning.

I'll be wanting to tune in and yay for crazy and greenskull!

Congratulations on the award!
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Weapon buff for some vehicles is good but yeah, that health buff would be good to see at some point. Still, the more powerful weapon should help to keep those pesky sticky throwers at bay.

Can't wait for the forge island playlist. Oh and Complex in BTB... should be tons of carnage. Cannot wait!

PS Congrats on the award!
Ooh, sounds exciting! Greenskull and co. are some lucky guys. Perhaps someday I'll move into Redmond and I'll get invited to playtest... or maybe I'm just nuts.

I like that the chainguns are getting buffs. Makes them much more terrifying weapons. The Mantis gun in particular was just a cap gun unless you were five feet away. Although I think the problem is that they need more health. With Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenades being loadout items, vehicles can go down easily. Maybe Plasma Grenade damage against vehicles should be cut by 35% as well or something.

Nice job on the award! While Halo 4 has some rather glaring flaws, if Halo 5 comes out strong and fixes those issues, it will be game of the decade.
Slayer Pro in Big Team sounds like it would fix a lot of things in the playlist. Perhaps this sounds like an unpopular idea, but I would love to see a BR starts option for Big Team. Imagine Big Team without the cross-map stand-offs and lack of map movement! It would be like Big Team was in past games. Whereas in past games, Big Team played just like 4v4 in a large open environment, in this game it is like a completely different game...
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