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Halo 4 Friday Caption Fun 2

Fridays are about two things, fun and captions. That's why our newest festivity – aptly titled Friday Caption Fun – prominently features both. Here's what will happen from here on out: I'll post a screenshot on Friday, and, if all goes according to plan, you'll provide as many captions for it as your multi-fingered appendages can type out. The following week we'll highlight the most entertaining responses, and we'll also supply you with a brand new image to start the process all over again. If that sounds good to you, take a gander at the image below, and then hit the appropriate forum thread to post your caption. Off you go!

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Leave your captions in this thread!
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I Got the moves like Jagger
They see me strollin', they hatin'
#1 Doodle fanboy!
We're not rejects; We get Rejections
I' m bad! I'm bad! Really, really bad!
Walk up to the club like what up I got a big -Yoink!-
Not all of the SPARTANS that were disfigured during the augmentation procedure left the program.
"Look at that! First game and I found a shotgun! Now I pick it up like a boss."
Gregg wanted to go to the gym, his legs had other ideas...
Can't touch this!
Fitting Holograms with a nonfunctional AI had its ups and its downs.
I've been working on my strafe recently. You Like?
If I'm going out, I'm going out in STYLE!
"Hello?....Is anyone out there?...Hello...?....I think I pinched a nerve."
"Can someone kill me please? I have to respawn correctly."
No,No,No you're supposed to drop the Mic not your pistol!!
I'm ready for the break dance battle.
Spartan Lyle attempted to display his dominance to a Covenant Grunt offscreen. It doesn't end well.
#CyborgHalsey2014/#1 Halsey Fanboy
Armor poppin' and lockin' like it's going out of style.
The club can't even handle me right now.
When lifting heavy objects, remember to use your back and add a sharp twisting motion
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