Halo 4 Matchmaking Update: 3.25.13

Coming to War Games this week: The brand new Community Forge FFA playlist, as well as some big updates to Team Throwdown.

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If my overhead was one of the most powerful corporations on the planet, I think I'd do as I was told... maximize.

That said, the team who built multiplayer deserve some serious props. Bravo, we're aware you were brought on for maintenance.

Here's the thing, how is Halo multiplayer going to compel me to buy a next gen system that charges for gaming multiplayer access, first party studio DLC, and unsubsidized first party releases?

I know the question is off topic yet there have been no replies to this article. A prime forum to voice my concern and growing disinterest in continuing to employ Microsoft for my gaming entertainment.

Answer or not, I enjoy Halo. But at 160 USD per year (estimate based on annual Halo releases, DLC season passes, Xbox Live), I think I'll pass. Especially with new hardware on the horizon.