Outcast - IGN's Halo 4 Castle Map Pack Developer Walkthrough

From IGN:

Certain Affinity walks us through the ins and outs of the large-scale canyon map in the Castle Map Pack.

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A bit of Rat fighting I see. Excellent.
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looks like nice layout and i can see the wraith and mantis not lasting that long which is nice with all the tight corners and that but i can see some great action going on, on this map, not a fan of the desert look but im not a desert person i prefer lush green fields and snow :P the nice white froffy stuff, but one thing im worried about is... thats the biggest map in the castle map pack did i hear them say?! that map took them seconds to get from one side to the other, seems tiny :/ so how big will the others be :/ but anyway looks good, cant wait for the next 2 maps to be shown and fingers crossed for the hornet :D we'll have it back one day!!
The basic concept looks good, but with Plasma loadouts so prevalent, this looks like another boring "vehicle map".

It also looks like it will play exactly the same way as Exile, so it is not creatively different, in any way, from what we have now.

A "good" vehicle map allows you to actually NAVIGATE the map; unfortunately, these Halo 4 maps force you to constantly do 180 turns in one area as enemies swarm your position.

Ultimately, this map is disappointing.