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If you have played in the Extraction playlist, this is the place to leave the Matchmaking Systems Team your feedback! Please leave your thoughts on the following items and issues:

-Game types offered in this playlist (game settings, how they play on the map, etc)
-Maps in this playlist (design, weapons, flow, balance, etc)
-Anything else related to this playlist that you feel is important!

Note: If you found a bug while playing Halo 4 Matchmaking, please post here.

The Matchmaking Systems Team will review feedback and join the discussion when necessary. Thanks for playing.
so, why no commendations for the extraction game type?
Probably because it is only now its own playlist.
Should have just been an addition to Team Objective instead of its own playlist and be 4v4. The additional playlist slot would be better used for a Classic Slayer playlist with no loadouts/no AAs/no ordinances/on map weapon spawns.
Extraction plays great! However, I assume it will not have the population to remain its own playlist.

A: If it remains an average of 2k+ KEEP IT AS ITS OWN PLAYLIST
B: If not, bring it into the Objective playlist with 1-site only.

As for criticism, the 1-Site Variants are far more competitive, especially on smaller maps. If Exile, Meltdown and Longbow are removed and the playlist is shrunk to 4v4 (or adopted into Objective) it would be a lot more competitive and fun.


Remain its own playlist until population dims, 1-Site only on Haven, Adrift, Complex, Solace, Abandon, Skyline, Monolith, Landfall, Harvest
If you are going to have a 5v5 Extration playlist then I highly suggest removing the BTB maps and the 2 site variant. Have it only be 1 site on smaller maps and the addition of forge maps would be welcomed.
On some of the smaller maps, like Abandon, having the game 5v5 feels a tad too crowded. Spawn and already being shot at.
A Portal Turret;2346380 wrote:
Should have just been an addition to Team Objective instead of its own playlist and be 4v4. The additional playlist slot would be better used for a Classic Slayer playlist with no loadouts/no AAs/no ordinances/on map weapon spawns.

This makes a lot of sense. Not sure why extraction needs its own spotlight. One less playlist floating around.
"Kill me or release me, parasite. But do not waste my time with talk!"
Im not feeling the 2 extractio point mode so much.
I appreciate 2-site because it prevents Extraction from becoming KotH 2.0
I don't mind if 2-site was reduced to a 1/3 chance, or even always in the 3rd slot, but I think it's important to Extraction as a gametype.
Not digging the whole Longbow, Meltdown, and Exile map options. They're slow, hard to convert/keep, and just kinda waste Extraction's true potential (or at least, in a 4v4/5v5 format).

I don't mind 2-Site Extraction because it spices up the gametype/brings variety. However, 1-Site Extraction is 5x better than 2-Site. 1-Site is so much fun, fast paced, and competitive (and even reminds me of Headquarters from CoD, which is the only thing I ever liked in its Multiplayer, except 1-Site Extraction is funner).

I say, next week, get rid of Extraction playlist, put Extraction in Team Objective, and get rid of the bigger maps. If possible, just bring 1-Site Extraction; It is just too much more funner than 2-Site Extraction (Variety with 2-Site appearing every once in a while wouldn't be too bad though). If you're thinking about putting Objective in BTB, and adding Multi Team soon (Please!), then I think that's where 2-Site Extraction would really shine.

I love 1-Site Extraction!

On a little side note while on the topic about Extraction: Why was there never an Extraction Commendation? Was it waiting to appear in a TU after its own playlist (that was delayed for whatever reason) came out or what? I've always wondered this since Day1.

I'm assuming the reason Extraction got its own playlist was for two reasons:
1) It's never had its own playlist before
2) Needed some feedback before it was added into Team Objective

should have been added to objective
Why do we have 2site extraction on landfall with four person teams, on the dlc playlist, but 1site extraction with 5 person teams on landfall in the extraction playlist?

I like the one on the dlc much better.

Also, longbow was only 1site when I played it which was strange on such a large map, even though it says it's supposed to be 2site on the matchmaking update.

what is going on?

edit: no matter what I think medium sized maps work best for this playlist. I like landfall and adrift, but larger maps just turn into long walks rather than fun gameplay. I think this playlist should be a mix of small to medium maps with both one and two site extraction on all the maps. Skyline and abandon do feel quite crowded. I think that you should just make it 4v4 and remove the large maps.
When you finally make BTB like everyone has been asking the larger maps may work better with big team extraction rather than 5v5.
Actually loving that Extraction got its own playlist, It never gets picked enough in other playlists.
While it plays pretty well for the most part, I cannot emphasize enough my desire for commendations in Extraction. It's really a huge difference to have that clear measure of progress and specific goals to work towards, especially for SR130s.
Extraction commendations are a heck of a lot more meaningful than things like Flood commendations.

(Also, the reply button is nonexistent for this thread. The only way I've figured out how to post is to quote someone else first)
I think more people would play it if you had some commendations
Add it to objective.

I kind of like it but then again a team full of DMR's can change your opinion on a lot of things.
Love Extraction so far! The only things I don't like are:
1) Smaller-sized maps for Extraction (Longbow and Exile are 2 great maps for it)
2) The respawn timing seems a bit too long. I know this is default/similar for most game types, but I think for the objective based ones, it should be 3-5 seconds with no instant spawn.

Besides that, the game mode should remain. Loving it, and my friends do too.
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