The 2.21.13 Halo 4 Title Update is live!

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Yay, no more griefers messing with our vehicles in BTB.

But is that all we're getting now? Are we never getting weapon balances? Reduce aim assist and bullet magnetism a tad?

Or how about a functional true skill system? I have the least amount of fun in this game compared to all previous titles mainly because the players I'm matched against are consistently way better than me/us. Me and my friend have horrendous team doubles matches, to the point where we screen our matches, anyone over a 1.7KD that have over 10k total kills with that KD are avoided at all times.

This is the least 'halo' feeling game to date and it needs some changes to make it more playable.
Fixed issues with friendly fire against vehicles. If FF is disabled, damage/EMPs from friendly sources will no longer damage vehicles that are fully controlled by your team.

Does this apply to Spartan Ops or just matchmaking? Thanks.
Any word on some of the other glitches? Like only lobby host being able to change party size?

Trait zone settings not sticking upon saving/loading the game?

And about the instant respawn glitch... in a custom game now where respawn time is set to 3 seconds, no penalty for suicides/betrayals, whenever anybody dies their respawn timer starts counting down from 7 or 8, with a "press x to spawn faster prompt". If they do press "x", the countdown skips down to 2 seconds. So, it seems like even though respawn timer is set to "3 seconds", the game gives us about 10 second respawn. Instead of pressing "x" to spawn instantly, we need to press "x" to spawn after a 3 second wait. Was the plan of this update to replace one glitch for a different one or what's going on?
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Halo 2 is... infinitely better. Don't go by memory... go back and play it. Please try and make this game more like that. At least try and push Halo 5's multiplayer to be A LOT more like Halo 2. The gameplay of that game is solid gold. The aiming mechanics are perfect in it. It feels THICK when you shoot someone with a BR. Like you're really hammering their shields away. All halo games since have been progressively "sissier" feeling.

For the major TU...

Take the DMR mechanics, aim assist, acceleration, etc, values and make the BR the same. Don't reduce aim assist on the DMR, INCREASE it for the BR. If the BR was a 5 shot kill version of the Halo 2 BR, a lot of people would be happy.

CLASSIC SLAYER PLAYLIST with guns on map, recurring power weapon spawns and SLOWER player movement if anything, not faster.

Again... go back and play Halo 2 PC multiplayer with a 360 controller.

OR... just hire me as an assistant lead multiplayer designer for Halo 5. I'd bet my own life that I could make a multiplayer game that would be loved, played, and referred to as golden for a decade past its release.

I'm done playing this multiplayer despite the nice small changes recently. It doesn't need small tweaks, it needs to grow a pair of balls and be boldly amazing. That isn't an empty threat like other gamers make. I legitimately enjoy Halo 2 PC on my TV with my controller infinitely more than this game. Even the graphics are way better in H2, art-wise and polish-wise. Sure, the lighting is cool in the new ones. Seriously though, I'll be online in Halo 2 PC until it's shut down or until someone comes barging into a private chat about how insanely re-worked Halo 4 is and how it's actually fun and not a frustrating train wreck.

And if there is any God in this universe, he will compel MS and 343i to make a Halo 2 HD for the 720 with the ORIGINAL engine and multiplayer. Think "Perfect Dark (N64)" HD remake for 360... Halo 2 truly deserves the same treatment as that remake.

Godspeed to your efforts of fighting your good ideas into the thick heads of those bad idea fish in the think tank there ;)
Well I'm just gonna play for Custom Games with my friends or Spartan Ops once a week...

Most of the true faults weren't fixed while only some complaining was fixed (aka boltshot, wraith turret and other).
Why doesn't 343 invest time in fixing a Dedicated Server for the lag to truly fix the weapon system, JiP ,achievements and many other flaws which can easily be fixed due that? Or fix the settings of Custom Games like how it was in Reach/H3?

Ah well... shame for the game. Tolerating it has worn off. The wait for Destiny has begun.
I hope the next TU brings significant gameplay changes. I hate not being able to enjoy this game like I did previous Halo games.

It is progress though, and it's nice to see a nerf on the boltshot.
Too little, too late.

Multiplayer games my friends and I will be playing:
Halo 2 PC customs
CoD Black Ops 1
The imaginary Halo multiplayer in my head with simple Halo graphics and amazing refined gameplay.

This is great news, but I'm curious - was there a region filter added as part of this Title Update? Suddenly, I cannot play customs or join lobbies of friends around the world, only within my country. If there was, is there a way to disable this filter? The region filter dealt a huge blow to the Customs Community, who generally play with everyone they can, most of the time on the other side of the ocean.

Also, will subtitles ever be added to Spartan Ops CG videos ingame? It seems to be the only aspect of Halo 4 that lacks subtitles.

Baby steps aren't bad, 343. But your community is howling at your gates, angry and hurt. Your forums are flooded with complaints and suggestions for change. You may be the custodians of Halo, but you are not loved and appreciated like Bungie was.

I can see why Bungie jumped ship from Halo. They saw what they had created. A child who would not stop growing, and it became too big for them to care for. You, 343, were created specifically to try and handle this monstrosity we call "Halo".

And yet, when you took your best guess at how to make Halo multiplayer, many will say you failed. No, I do not want reincarnations of past titles. I like innovation and cool ideas, but many ideas in this game were not implemented properly.

I can only hope you have learned your lesson. After the Title Update goes live, get working on addressing the concerns of your outraged and heartbroken community. Because if you don't, then Bungie, with their new child Destiny, will steal the hearts and minds of all Halo players and reclaim them as their own. Halo will die alone if you don't do something to make things right.

But I don't place the blame solely in your hands, 343. Moneybags Microsoft had something to do with this. Based on my observations, I believe MS tried very hard to beat CoD: Blops II in more ways than one. Well, guess what? MS failed. Call of Duty players outnumber us more than five to one on an average day. You guys launched one week early, but based on this graph, you lost half of your players to Activision on the launch date of CoD: Blops II. That was 200,000 people.

That is inexcusable. Unforgivable. This should never have happened.

But I have some faith. Hopefully, someone high up in 343 sees this post. I know it won't do much good. But please know that I, and every Halo player out there, would be thrilled to see change. But you have to hurry. There's not much time until it's too late to save this game.