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I think you are right, shortly after my first game on the map pack I was banned.
bs angel;1706583 wrote:
Good news: The vast majority of you reading this will never need to post in this thread.

Bad news: If you are checking this page because of an in-game message, it is likely that you have been banned for violating the terms of use and/or committing a code of conduct violation. It is also possible in the case of an especially egregious violation, that your Xbox 360 system itself is now banned from Matchmaking. The duration of this ban will be based on the type, frequency or nature of the committed violation. In most cases, Custom Games will still be available. In extreme cases, they will not.

Types of violation include, but are not limited to, the following example actions:

• Manipulating network conditions to give yourself an advantage, or to the detriment of the experience for other players.
• Modifying your Xbox 360 hardware or game software and services in any way.
• Skill, EXP, or Credit Boosting, deleveling, idling through games, cheating, habitual quitting or any other type of unsociable and unsportsmanlike behavior.
• Impersonating a Bungie, 343, or Microsoft employee on Xbox LIVE with intent to defraud or cause harm to other players.

The following things will not result in a visit from the Banhammer:

• Lag (poor or intermittent network performance).
• Occasional disconnects due to inconsistent network conditions.

Please note that while this process is automated, it is accurate. Bans are almost certainly legitimate, and will stay in force for their stated duration. To keep your matchmaking privileges in good standing, immediately cease any unsociable behavior and wait out the ban. Either way, there will be no response communication from this process.

Below are some sample questions and answers.

I shouldn't be banned. My brother/sister/cousin/dad/mom/friend must've logged on with my account and done bad things. Will you please reverse my ban?

If this is indeed the case, we do understand your frustration. However, it is your sole responsibility to keep your account information secure and not share it with others who would abuse it. We have no way of detecting who is playing with your account, and if your gamertag is caught making naughty, you will be banned. Those are the rules.

I didn't do anything wrong, and you can't prove it. Will you please reverse my ban?

No. Like it says above, our automated system builds up a digital case of wrongdoing before any ban is enacted. If you accidentally disconnect a time or two, you won't get banned. Instead the system looks for patterns that can't happen accidentally. If the banhammer detects enough wrongdoing, you were doing wrong. Case closed.

Will posting in this thread guarantee my ban will be lifted and that someone will respond personally to every post?

Unfortunately, no. We simply don't have enough eyes, ears and typing hands to respond to every single post. However, the community will help keep you honest. You have a public game history for everyone to see. If you post you were banned unjustly, the community is in their rights to check out your history to confirm or deny your claims. Please, just keep it clean.

The purpose of this thread is to keep all questions pertaining to bans in one place. Without a megathread for such questions, the rest of the forum will almost certainly turn into a cavalcade of ban questions.

If you were banned and think you have a case, this is the ONLY thread you should post in. If other moderators see posts pertaining to bans in other threads, they will either be deleted outright or a kind-hearted mod might just move the posts to this thread.

If any users are caught habitually spamming ban threads in other threads, we will consider that a violation of the forum Terms of Use. You will risk being banned here as well. We don't want to have to ban anyone, but we do want an open, honest and positive place to post about all things Halo, so a thread like this is necessary.

Now, many people have posted on this theard a d the vast 95 percent of them are being ignored, we need you to say something, but most of all we need someone from 343 to reply. This unjust system has Banned to many people, we need acton! You do note even know that so many people have been banned and so many have been banned unjustly, please reply, please communicate with us!
me too had been banned after have played on the maps of DLC in splitscreen (the accaunt banned is BulkyAbcdefgh, not this)
I get Banned oin halo 4 and i dont know why can you help me?
I get banned too, can you help me? (i dont know why)

I just received a permanent ban on my account, without any explanation as to why. I really have no idea why this has happened because I have not under any circumstances breached any terms of contract.

Could someone please come into contact with me and help me out with this issue?


P.S. After reading a few of the posts above, I also received the ban after playing on the new map packs, with the new map pack game type online.

It asks whether I had the season pass downloaded? I thought you could get the map pack without the season pass?
I just got banned. Halo 4 servers were down so I played a game of slayer split screen on shatter... When I was watching back the game in Theater I suddenly got perma-banned. Is there any way this could be fixed before the Virgin-tournament starts? Please?
Yea 343 you should really TALK to your community instead of just leaving us in the dark about all this broken ban garbage.
My brother (gamertag "Taujie") and I were banned permanently from Halo 4 war games and spartan ops for no reason while playing on forge.
dufodio: do you have the crimson map pack? this fact is important
I was recently permanently banned from halo 4 online features. I have read some of the above posts and seen many problems with the Crimson Map Pack. I got the Limited Edition of Halo 4, and thus the Crimson Map Pack for no extra charge. I have played some games (both offline and online) on the new maps. Is this a possible cause for my ban? Another detail, I downloaded the pack yesterday. Thanks for any help.
Barbs v2: yes I have the crimson map pack.
the webs catching wind and referencing this thread fyi. already a big group of people affected by this. wait it out i guess. i really hope we get some kind of help soon.
Another Update....

Reading the posts and comments about he map pack, I asked my son if he downloaded it and when. He says he downloaded it last week, but he thinks Friday night was the first time he actually played matchmaking on a map from the pack.

He said that durning the match, everyone got booted out and so he went into another match on a stock map. That's when he got the permanent ban message.

To clarify, from my original post, he has the Limited Edition.

Reading these post, I have to say this is getting a bit ridicules. I sincerely hope that tomorrow 343 will be addressing these issues. Since no one has responded to my post (echoing the other parent on here about the "community keeping people honest) I guess we will have to go at this from another direction. But since someone suggested to post if this appeared to have any relation to the map pack, I wanted to offer up the înfo.

Thank you
Watch this not get resolved until after the holidays. Unban2013
I'm talked with Xbox live customer support who then contacted 343 and 343 said they are working to rectify the problem with the crimson DLC.
yesterday 12/15/12 i was just playing sparten ops and i got a mesage that i got banned from halo 4 and im wondering if there is eny way of unbaning me because i didnt violate eny rules. gamertag - HELLOxKILLY
ok so 343 i have tried contacting and i was wondering i was banned temporarily from xp i was boosting with a second controller for the assassin commendation but i was wondering if it was for the 75000 xp cap or the idle controller #2 and how long will the ban last it says temporarily but we all know that is a relative and somewhat evasive term it would help if you could just by considerate and tell people how long you banned them thank you
We are not permanently banning players for previewing or purchasing the Crimson Map Pack. We are currently investigating the recent reports of permanent matchmaking bans.

We will provide further updates tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.
My son received a permanent ban from Halo 4 and we have no idea why. We never received an explanation email, etc. How can we find out what the issue is? This is the first issue he has had and.............a permanent ban?!?!

We've spent a lot of money for him to not be able to use his game!
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