I'm in a party of 6 total... it has been 20 minutes and we still have not found a game.

The host Xbox (mine) is at, and has been DMZ'd in the only router/modem.
NAPT is enabled, uPnP has been enabled.
No firewall what so ever on my modem/router.

My Xbox says I have an Open NAT (although strangely enough some people on the same network as I have a moderate NAT, it's about 50/50)

When trying to join a game in Match Making with this current party we are met with waiting times of 20+ minutes, and usually just end up having to play something else.

It's truly worrying that I do not see this in the "issue being investigated thread".

What else do I need to try?

Also, this problem is not limited to my network... it seems to be happening to all of my friends when we try to play with a larger party. We've tried different combinations of who's host and what party size... the only thing that seems to help is to downsize the party to about 2-3 people.

(Yes this is a repost, figure I needed to put some more info in this time.)