I couldn't find an official feedback thread and thought instead of making a bunch of different threads the contained Halo 4 feedback for 343i, I would create and overall feedback thread for the community to share their thoughts and suggestions about the game. If there is an official feedback thread, please link it below. My apologizes in advance.

The rules of this thread are very simple.
- respect others and their views.
- do not troll
- do not cause unneeded drama
Much noise has been made about the state of custom games in Halo 4. I'm here to make some more. I think at it's core, this is a truly fantastic game. However the important side dishes are missing from the great feast, and the main course, awesome as it is, cannot stand alone. Custom Games have been brutally neutered in Halo 4.

There is some intense discussion going on over in the Halo subreddit, and my purpose here is to bridge the gap, as it were. The fine people on the waypoint forums are not alone, there are many other communities out there who want the same things you guys do. A current discussion is happening on reddit right now over here and it is my hope that these and other popular communities will be heard by 343i.
Reduce aim assist and hitboxes. It's first shot wins all the time. Make it so when you get shot you come rely stop sprinting so that people don't run away as soon as someone gets the first shot. Buff the carbine. And remove power weapons from ordnance drops and have them placed on map in a static spawning way

An increase shield recharge rate so I don't get cross mapped by the enemy I just killed and remove instant respawns. Lower the magnetism on the guns.

Stop lying to the fans about -Yoink!- make the skill gap exist instead of making every player feel like they are mlg pro's. basically make this halo.
Rounds in slayer customs don't work. It seems as if they just threw them in without testing them
Offline Spartan Ops, and I'll be happy.
Campaign: Words really cant express what I think of the campaign, but I will try. Exciting, full of emotion and full of intense challenges. One out of many of the best Halo campaigns ever.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer has a lot to it so I will try to break it down. Now my overall view of the multiplayer is that is it what Halo is all about. The intense moments, thinking on your feet, working as a team, communication, and most importantly, it is very competitive. I think 343i really did an amazing job on the multiplayer. With that said there is still some things I think could be improved.

-Ranking: The ranking system is great with all the stuff you unlock for your Spartan, emblems, etc; but my biggest concern is that we level up too fast. Never in any Halo game have we leveled up this quickly.

-Maps: The maps are very different in their own way and some I like and some I hate, which is natural for me. The BTB maps I don't really care for except for two; Exile & Ragnorok. The map Complex in Infinity Slayer I feel should be a BTB map because it is to big for 4v4 in my opinion at least. So I am hoping that the DLC offer some great maps.

Map voting is executed well with not being able change your vote after selecting one; but I would like the "None of These" option in-case I don't want to play on the maps were given to choose from. Also there needs to be more variety, maybe even have us play on the forge maps, just have maps pre-built by 343i.

-Weapons: The weapon choices are very unique, but also we have some familiar guns returning from the Halo universe, especially from Halo 3. That makes me happy. The weapons I feel are pretty balanced, but I always wonder how a BR can get out beat by a DMR. Now I do like the power weapons being Ordnance drop, but I would like a game mode where they are placed on the map and have no Ordnance drops.

-Grenades: Grenades seem to be very weak compared to the other Halo games. Reason I say this is because I have stuck a ghost with 1 grenade in previous Halo games and it explodes. You do that in Halo 4 and it doesn't destroy it in one blow, which is disappointing. Another example is when I throw a frag or plasma grenade at someone and they are right on it and it doesn't kill them. Just lights them up like a Christmas tree, which realistically they should die. Also the blast radius of the grenades needs to be slightly increased.

-Vehicles: The vehicles are freaking awesome with the way they look, sound and handle. The only issue I have is the warthog gun turret. I cannot tell whether or not I am on the person because the reticle is so small.

-Armor Abilities: The armor abilities are great except thruster pack.
Thruster pack seems like it was made to replace evade, but it only moves you like 1-5 inches away and lasts a split second. Its a useless ability.

-Game Modes: This is disappointing to see that there aren't a lot of game modes at launch, but I am assuming they are going to give us more in an update =] *crosses fingers and hopes >.<*

That is all I can think of right now, but if I come up with more stuff I will post it :)
I feel the exact same way about the grenades. The blast radius and strength both need to be increased a little. I've had a few times while in multiplayer where I've had a grenade thrown at me, and I was able to completely avoid it by moving over to the left or right only a few feet away.
343i should start develop games like viva piñata..
-make flood a 2 or at least 3 shot pistol kill, let us use our colors not the forced green or bring back infection as new playlist along with flood
-add grifball
-fix forge and custom games
-give us a free big forge map or get rid of barriers in current maps
-fix xp cap
The soundtrack to the game is great, but it won't be memorable like Marty's as long as we can't hear it during the campaign. For the majority of the campaign, any epic moments that might be created by the music are stopped by the sound of bullets, explosions, and even Chief's footsteps. It would go a long way in helping to appreciate Neil's music if we could add the audio settings so that voice, effect, and music volume could be changed independently from each other.